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2 RTB A Coy 3rd Intake 1 Section 7/7/1970
Top row L to R ~
J Cooke.F Robinson.Thompson.A Jones.R Riddle.R Petravicius.J Casey. A Masterson.B Burton.
Bot row L to R ~R Maddernwellington.D Dahmes.
M Vassallo.D Spray.L/Cpl Deninson.R McGown.J Marr.D Flentjar.
Contact.Michael Vassallo.@.ua.ten.dnopgib|60090avm#ua.ten.dnopgib|60090avm
Army No 3799396

2 RTB A Coy 4 Platoon 2rd Intake 7/7/1970

Top Row L To R ~: A Jones.Brown.J Meyer.L Chandler.J Holland, J Porter.Melvaine.Michael Vassallo.B Burton.Phillips.Tierney.P Brennan, J Lang.R Petravicius.R Riddle.J Cooke.R Rigby.
2nd Row L To R ~Leehmakers.Hadlow.D Dahmes.L Curtis.W Hoskins.D Flentjar.Crowe.Kitchenman,Cook.T V Turner.Henry.B Watson, McLeod, P Jensen, J Clark, Melnikes, J Casey.
3 RD Row L To R~:L TO R.Chadwick, P sundstromp, D Chalk, R Maddernwellington, FRED ROBINSON, R McGown,
Cpl Boltong, Bomb G Smythe, Sgt E Rashleigh, Bomb Tunbridge, L/Cpl Deninson, J Marr,
D McGlashen, R Scrambler, Lyons, Pomeroy,
Bot Row L TO R.Thompson, C Turner, C Czerwinsky, D Spray, H Somic, A Masterson, Hayes, Nicholl, Carey.
NAMES Supplied~Fred Robinson.
Contact~Michael Vassallo.@.ua.ten.dnopgib|60090avm#ua.ten.dnopgib|60090avm


Eaetern Command Squash Team Oct 71 SME
L to R .P Dart.M Vassallo. M Piper.J Parvin.M langkam


SME Casula 1971
From L to R ~ Barry, Michael Vassallo, Peter Sundstrom (Sunny)

Pucka 1970 sister at back and my two nieces on my knees
2 RTB Pucka Barracks 1970

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Western Suburbs Sub Branch Nashos Victoria
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