Nashos Intake Photos 1972

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@ ua.ten.dnopgib|60090avm#ua.ten.dnopgib|60090avm

Barracks were home to 16 men per hut, 4 each in 4 cubicles.
Toilet and ablutions blocks were about 200 yards away.
The Mess hall was 400 yards away.
Washing and drying rooms were 200 yards away.

2 RTB B Coy 7 Platoon 3rd Intake 1972.
Sent In ~Bronte Smallacombe <moc.liamg|97sjmjb#moc.liamg|97sjmjb>
2 RTB B Coy 7 Platoon 3 Section 3rd Intake 1972.
Sent In ~ Bronte Smallacombe <moc.liamg|97sjmjb#moc.liamg|97sjmjb>

2 RTB B Coy 10 Platoon 1 Section 4th Intake 1972.
Sent in ~ Matthew Gray.
2 RTB D Coy 17 Platoon 2nd Intake 1972.

Back Row – Bill Thompson, Neil Urbino, Robert Van Gend, Richard Yacksender, Gerry Thommassen, Paul Winter, ~ Lauder, Joe Storer, Steve Tapscott, Bruce Taylor, ~ Sizeland, Wally Van Dort.

2nd Back Row – Terry Wilson, ~ Soveriegn, ~ Taylor, ~ Shiers, ~ Sangston, Tony Wood, Peter Scott, Andy Wiseman, Ron Showler, ~ Smith ~ Whithead, Paul Tucker.

Centre - ~ Smith, ~ Smith ~ Young, ~ Rimmer, John Tavilla, Ron Van Aken, Winton Veall, Stuart Reynolds, Wally Swegler, ~ Sedman, John Supple.

2nd Front Row – Charlie Rossitto, Mick Zahra, ~ Wyatt, Rob Tung, Andy Shuurmans, ~ Wells, Danny Spaniek, ~ Ryan, Kevin Taylor, Doug Sajeba.

Front Row - ~ MacDonald, Jim Saunders, Frank Vitale, ~ Wilson, Robert Tutty, ~ Radford, ~ Teranova, John Sabri, ~ Stone, ~ Taylor, ~ Yurcheson.

Sent In ~Neil Urbino.

2 RTB D Coy 17 Platoon 2 Sect 2nd Intake 1972.

Back Row – Neil Urbino, Paul Winter, Tony Wood, Bruce Taylor, Robert Van Gend.

Centre – Gerry Thommassen, Peter Scott, Wally Van Dort, Bill Thompson, John Supple, Richard Yacksender.

Front Row – Andy Shuurmans, Danny Spaniak, John Tavilla, Ron Van Aken, Doug Sajeba.

Sent In ~Neil Urbino.

2 RTB 17 Platoon D Coy 2 Sect Tallarook. (( 15 June 1972.))

Gerry Thommassen

Andy Shuurmans, Richard Yacksender, Tony Wood, John Tavilla, Robert Van Gend, Bill Thompson.

Doug Sajeba, Paul Winter, John Supple, Neil Urbino, Wall Van Dort, Danny Spaniak.

Bruce Taylor, Ron Van Aken

Sent In ~Neil Urbino.

2 RTB 14 Pl 3rd Intake 1972.
Sent in Alan Pearce.
2 RTB 14 Pl 4 Section 3rd Intake 1972.
Sent in Alan Pearce.
2 RTB A Coy 1 Platoon 4th Intake 1972.

Back row~L to R~1st Adrian Camilleri 2nd Johnny Goldsmith.

Sent In ~ Adrian]

Top row 6th from the left Vince Moult
Sent In ~Vince Moult ~Vin Imagery <ua.moc.evil|tievolutnow#ua.moc.evil|tievolutnow>

1 RTB B Wing Kapooka 1972

2 RTB D Coy 20 Platoon 1972
Back row 3rd from right.Tony Paterson.
T Grimshaw – Scottie Lyons - Phil Jacobton – “Skippy Williams” - Bill Reid - Col Witton – R G Tomkins – P Saunders –
Gordon Holliday.cannot place location on photo, if anyone can recall let me know.
Sent in ~ Tony Paterson. moc.oohay|nosretapynot#moc.oohay|nosretapynot

Back Row ~L TO R~Gary Eggert
BOT Row ~L TO R ~5 th Phil Cremona.
3 TB Singleton Last Intake Sept 1972.
Sent IN ~Gary Eggart ~ moc.dnopgib|2tregge#moc.dnopgib|2tregge

Sent IN~Tony ua.ten.tenii|hsifknarf.aisatnaF#ua.ten.tenii|hsifknarf.aisatnaF
Sent IN~Tony ua.ten.tenii|hsifknarf.aisatnaF#ua.ten.tenii|hsifknarf.aisatnaF
2 RTB B Coy 7 Platoon 3 Sect 2 Intake 1972 Pucka.
2 RTB B Coy 7 Platoon 3 Sect 2 Intake 1972 Pucka.
Sitting front L-R Garry Naismith, Leigh O'Brien.
Standing rear L-R ??, Dennis Power, Jeff Miller, Stan Edwards, Nick Pappas, Ray Morgan.
Sent IN~Dennis Power. [ua.ten.dnopgib|rewopmc#ua.ten.dnopgib|rewopmc]
Dennis would like to Contact other Nashos from his Intake.
Sent In ~Robert Rodgers. [ua.moc.evil|sregdor#ua.moc.evil|sregdor]
Front Row.L TO R.5th Robert Rodgers.
2 RTB 4 Intake B Coy 9 Platoon 1 Section 1972 Pucka.
Front Row L TO R. 4th Robert Rodgers.
Sent In ~ Robert Rodgers. [ua.moc.evil|sregdor#ua.moc.evil|sregdor]
Back Row~L To R.11th Les Rowney.
2 RTB 2 Intake B Coy 9 Platoon Pucka 1972.
Sent in~Les||yenwors.yenwoR
2RTB 1ST Intake 12 PL C Coy Pucka 1972
Top Row.L To R.
2nd row from top left ~1st,~Paul Coutts~?~David Donald,?~6th Rod Wassell.,~?~Brian Gloury~?~?~John Killian~?
3RD.Row L TO R.
4th. Row.L To R.1st, ??,4th Joe Zammit~?~?~?~?~?~?~?~?~?~?~Ross Addison~?
Front Row.~?~?~?~?~BDR Paul ?LT Graham Cock ~CPL Clark~Des Powell~?~?~?

Sent In~Ross Addison email ua.moc.liamezo|knapsb#ua.moc.liamezo|knapsb
Rod Wassell [ua.moc.tensutpo|94dor#ua.moc.tensutpo|94dor]

2 RTB 12 Platoon C Coy Sect 1 Pucka 1972

Sent In~Ross Addison email ua.moc.liamezo|knapsb#ua.moc.liamezo|knapsb

2 RTB 4 Intake 10 Platoon 3 Sect Pucka 1972
Back row: 1.Foley 2.Heron 3.Steve Grabham 4.Chris Holmes 5.Gilbert 6.Graham 7.Bernie Easdowne 8.Geel.
Front row: 9.Foster 10.Hale 11.Ellis 12.Lance corporal Janus 13.Sgt ? 14.Corporal Smith 15.John (Jock) Gannon 16.?.
This would have been the last off the Intakes for National Service
Sent In~Steve Grabham ua.moc.tentsew|argets#ua.moc.tentsew|argets
2 RTB Intake A Coy 5 Platoon 1972 .
Sent In~ Les Ledwidge.3802785 {ua.moc.tensutpo|5egdiwdel#ua.moc.tensutpo|5egdiwdel}
2 RTB 1ST Intake 5 Platoon A Coy 2 Sect 1972 Pucka
Back Row L To R. No 6 Peter Kerlin No 7 Les Ledwidge No 8 George Jacobs
Front Row L To R~ No 5 C/pl Perry.No 9 Ross Laughton
Sent In~ Les Ledwidge.3802785 {ua.moc.tensutpo|5egdiwdel#ua.moc.tensutpo|5egdiwdel}
2 RTB 1ST Intake 9 Platoon B Coy 1972 Pucka
Sent In~ Howard Macdonald.397910 Ex RAE 1972/1973
2 RTB 1ST Intake 9 Platoon B Coy 3 Sect 1972 Pucka
Bach Row L To R.No3 Howard Macdonald .[ua.moc.tensutpo|hanodcam#ua.moc.tensutpo|hanodcam]
Posted to 21 const. sqd.
Sent In~ Howard Macdonald.397910 Ex RAE 1972/1973
2 RTB 1ST Intake 4 Platoon A Coy 1972
Sent IN kevin Kavanagh moc.dnopgib|hganavakmkvl#moc.dnopgib|hganavakmkvl
2 RTB 1ST Intake 4 PLatoon A Coy 1 Sect 1972
Front Row L To R
.NO5 Bob Mckavaney.NO6 Kevin kavanagh.NO7 Bob Malik.
Back row no 6 Bob Stenson . NO 7 Chris Sourus .
Sent IN kevin Kavanagh moc.dnopgib|hganavakmkvl#moc.dnopgib|hganavakmkvl
1RTB~A Wing~4Platoon~Kapooka~June1972
Sent in Nick Pain
Kapooka ~4 Platoon~1RTB ~June 1972
Sent in Nick Pain ** [moc.dnopgib|67snosaes#moc.dnopgib|67snosaes]
**B Parish, T Gafa (rear), N Pain (front).

T Gafa, N Pain, B Saunders

2RTB 16 Platoon D Coy 1972 Pucka
2 RTB 16 Platoon 4 Sec D Coy 1972 Pucka
2 RTB 2nd Intake A Coy 1 Platoon 1 Sect Pucka 1972
Front row far right ~James Arnold
Sent in James Arnold 3803450 ua.moc.odod|dlonrasemaj#ua.moc.odod|dlonrasemaj
2 RTB 2nd Intake 1 Platoon A Coy 1972 Pucka
Sent in James Arnold 3803450 ua.moc.odod|dlonrasemaj#ua.moc.odod|dlonrasemaj
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