Nashos Intakes Photos 1969
1_RTB_Kapooka.jpg~2_RTB_Pucka.jpg~3TB_Singleton_1967.jpg~3 TB

IF you know any of the men in the group photos email to me and will update ua.ten.dnopgib|60090avm#ua.ten.dnopgib|60090avm


Barracks were home to 16 men per hut, 4 each in 4 cubicles.
Toilet and ablutions blocks were about 200 yards away.
The Mess hall was 400 yards away.
Washing and drying rooms were 200 yards away.

3 TB D Coy 16 Platoon 1969.
Sent IN ~ Bob Whittaker.~moc.em|tihwbob#moc.em|tihwbob

2 RTB C Coy Instructors 1969.
Sent In ~ Peter Gibson~ua.moc.odod|pobbig#ua.moc.odod|pobbig


Back: A Stewart. P Gibson. N O’Neil. P Bridley. J Timmins. D Bourns. L Moore. A Leslie. E Jervis. T Donald. D Gibson.
4th Row: E Tricker. G Coates. R Percy. R Allen. K. Glynn. R James. K Hoskins. A McDonald. P Craig. R Gillett. F Bingham.
3rd Row: T Stone. A Edgelow. R Campbell –Robertson. B Zdrzalka. E Cox. P Measom. D Casey. K O’Neill. P Keep.
E Shaw. W Black. C Forbes.
2nd Row: B Stanchinotti . J Crocker. C Nichols. I Jenson. A Wood. G Willoughby (KIA). T Walsh. B Nendick. J Best. B Clinton. J Sinclair.
1st Row: W James. K Bailey. P Kennedy. T Logie. J Henwood. R. Streafield. M Snaith. T Liska. I Vivash.
Front: L Baker. B Cooney.

2 RTB C Coy 12 Platoon 4th Intake 1969.
Sent In ~ Peter Gibson~ua.moc.odod|pobbig#ua.moc.odod|pobbig

Back : A Edgelow. D Gibson. T Donald. D Casey. K Glynn. R Gillett.
Middle: K Hoskins. G Coates. Cpl T Gibson (RAINF) J Henwood. B Clinton.
Front: W James. P. Gibson. C Forbes. R James.
2 RTB C Coy 12 Platoon 2 Sect 4th Intake 1969.
Sent In ~ Peter Gibson~ua.moc.odod|pobbig#ua.moc.odod|pobbig
Rear: Includes - P Kennedy. H Van Trier. Sgt ? P. Harrington. H. Sosenko. S. Eaton. I Rushton.
Mid: Includes – P Gibson. M. Bethune. A Leaf. P Ransom.
Front: Includes - R. Redding. D. Horne. D Gibson.

123 Training Battery 1 /70 Holsworthy NSW.
Sent In ~ Peter Gibson~ua.moc.odod|pobbig#ua.moc.odod|pobbig

Back L-R: D Broome. P McDonald. D Pyers. K Howell. C Draper. L Ryan. N Bodley. P Gibson A.Duke.
Front: G Fettel. R.Higgs. R Wessels. J Sullivan. G Franscali. B Proud. G. Nordstrom. G.Jordan. Sgt Instructor.

1st 70 Sig Course School of Artillery North Head.
Sent In ~ Peter Gibson~ua.moc.odod|pobbig#ua.moc.odod|pobbig

2RTB C Coy 15 Platoon 1st Intake 1969.
2nd from the right third row down.David Brandon.
Platoon commander was 2nd Lt Jocelyn ( a Nasho) and platoon Sargent was Terry Ace platoon corporals name was Handley.
Sent In ~ David Brandon.
2RTB D Coy 18 PL 2nd Intake 1969
2nd Row~6th from the left.~Robert Spivey.
Sent In~ Robert Spivey.
2 RTB C Coy 13 Platoon 1st Intake 1969.
L-R Rear:
Schroeder, Mathieson, McLeod, Cooper, Kenter, Weshead, Nisbett, Turner, Kilday.
Rogerson, Reardon, Emslie, Wardrop, Porter, Mathews, Grikis, Fowler, Garrett, Coterill
Smit, Browning, Teasdale, Tait, Billing, Hallas, Trevanion, Knight, Fisher, Melvin, Branon, Craven
Pilmore, McFadden, Kulibaba, Fyson, Stazko, Suda, Mendoza, Curtis, Setter, Grigg, Cowles, Bush
Withers, Hampston, Cpl Lee, Cpl Hanley, Sgt Ace, Lt Jocelyn, Cpl Pearce, Cpl Temby, Cpl Brown, Lokomsky
Gaffa, Palmer, Chaberka, Dowson, Despott, Agnew, Kenny, Bogan, Giesler.

Sent in ~ Jens Schroeder.

2 RTB C Coy 13 Platoon 17 1st Intake 1969.
Sent in ~ Jens Schroeder.
1 RTB A Coy 6 Pl Kapooka 1969 Dave Tooes..jpg

Sent Dave~Dave Tooes.~Dave Tooes <ua.moc.gpt|seootevad#ua.moc.gpt|seootevad>

2 RTB D Coy 16 Pl 3rd Intake 2 Sect 1969.
Sent in ~Dave Tooes~Dave Tooes <ua.moc.gpt|seootevad#ua.moc.gpt|seootevad>
1 RTB A Coy 6 Pl Kapooka 1969 September march out Tooes..jpg
Sent Dave~Dave Tooes.~Dave Tooes <ua.moc.gpt|seootevad#ua.moc.gpt|seootevad>

Dave Tooes 1969 Kapooka.
Sent Dave~Dave Tooes.~Dave Tooes <ua.moc.gpt|seootevad#ua.moc.gpt|seootevad>

2 RTB D Coy 16 Pl 3rd Intake 1969.
Sent in ~Dave Tooes.~Dave Tooes <ua.moc.gpt|seootevad#ua.moc.gpt|seootevad>

2nd row from front 8th from the left.Ron Davies.
3TB D Coy 16 Pl Singleton 1969.
Sent In ~ Ron Davies.~<moc.liamtoh|53vadnor#moc.liamtoh|53vadnor>
Back row:4th from left Ian Ferguson
3rd row:5th from right Graham Pickering, last on right David Wight
2nd row:6th from right – Geoffrey Blythman, last on right John Plonges
1st row standing: 2nd from left Rodney Bellears, 4th from the right Ray Dalton, 2nd from right ? Spokes
Seated: Last on extreme right Jim Robertson
Front row: unknown.
2 RTB D Coy 18 Pl 3rd Intake 1969.
Sent James Robertson.~~ <moc.dnopgib|ittap_mij#moc.dnopgib|ittap_mij>
Back row:Left to right - unknown, Graham Pickering, N. Trotter, unknown, unknown, ? Stewart, G.Turner, ? Weir
Seated: Left to right – David Wight, unknown, John Plonges, Section Leader Cpl ?, unknown, Jim Robertson, ? Trease
Front: Left to right – unknown, ? Spokes,
2 RTB D Coy 18 Pl 3rd Intake 1969.
Sent James Robertson <moc.dnopgib|ittap_mij#moc.dnopgib|ittap_mij>
2 RTB D Coy 18 Platoon 1st Intake 1969.
Sent In ~ Bob Ebdon.~<moc.liamg|drhnodbeb#moc.liamg|drhnodbeb>
1 RTB 15 Pl C Coy Kapooka June 1969.
Sent in ~ John Willett
RAE 3 Troop 43-69 SME 11 July 1969.
Sent In ~ John Willett.

44/69 CTS 1 Troop 1969.
Sent John Willis ~moc.liamtoh|silliwhnhoj#moc.liamtoh|silliwhnhoj
2 RTB C Coy 12Pl 3 Intake 1969.
Sent John Willis ~moc.liamtoh|silliwhnhoj#moc.liamtoh|silliwhnhoj
2 RTB C Coy 12PL 3rd Intake 4 Sect 1969.
Sent John Willis ~moc.liamtoh|silliwhnhoj#moc.liamtoh|silliwhnhoj
2 RTB C Coy 11 Platoon 3rd Intake 1969.
3rd row from front/3rd in from left,Geoff Perston.
Sent In ~Geoff Perston.
2 RTB C Coy 11 Platoon 2 Sect 3rd Intake 1969.
back row/2nd in from left,Geoff Perston.
Sent In ~Geoff Perston.
middle row/2nd in from right,Geoff Perston.
16/70 Clerk Tech 16 April 1970.
Sent In ~Geoff Perston
2nd row from front Geoff Perston.
RAE corps training at SME in Casula NSW.
44/69 CTS 4 Troop 26 Sept 1969
Sent In ~Geoff Perston.
RAE corps training at SME in Casula NSW.
44/69 CTS 4 Troop 26 Sept 1969
Top Row L - R Koolen, Talbot, Starkey, Sunderland, Sharpe,
Djenko, Clarke.
2nd Row L - R Holland, McDougall, Whitson, Haythorpe, Lang,
Tyberec, Blake, Mills, Hill, Young
3rd Row L - R Foran, Cummins, Willmott, Reiffel, Clarke, Tickle,
Perston, Woodall, Muccaly, Meldrum
Front Row L - R Speciale, Forsythe, Cue, Oreives, Wake, Carroll,
GAle, Jutila, Doyle, Mealmaker.
Sent In ~Geoff Perston.

It is a photo of my platoon: 9 Pl B Coy from the first intake of 1969 at Singleton.
I am the second from the right in the back row. The chap on my right is Tony Holliday.
Some names of others in the photo are: Doug Ferguson (third from left in back row) Warren Fitzgerald (fourth from left in second row), Bruce Houssier (second in from left in second row), Gordon Halls, Clive Guthrie, Paul Tame, Geoff Irvine, John Faddy, Tom Foulkes, Bill Flynn, Roger Guest, Wayne Hackett, Dennis Joiner, Ken Grose, Robert Francis.
Sent In Bruce Hancock. moc.kooltuo|64dnegelhlb#moc.kooltuo|64dnegelhlb.


Anyone who recognises this and want to touch base are most welcome to contact me via my email:
B Coy 9 Platoon & Sect 1st Intake 1969 Singleton
Sent In Bruce Hancock. moc.kooltuo|64dnegelhlb#moc.kooltuo|64dnegelhlb.

2 RTB B Coy 8 Pl 1969 Sent in ~ Terry Scanlan.
2 RTB B Coy 8 Pl 2 Sect 1969 Sent in ~ Terry Scanlan. <moc.liamg|0421nalnacst#moc.liamg|0421nalnacst>
2 RTB D Coy 19 Pl Sep 1968 March out.
Platoon commander Terry Wesley-Smith, and Bdr Burns as the right marker.
Sent In ~Terry Wesley-Smith.
1 RTB B Coy 11 Pl Kapooka Sept 1968.
Sent In ~Jane Holmes is the Sister of ~Pte. Kendell R.J. Army No:1735705.

2 RTB D Coy 16 PL 4th Intake 2 Sect 1969 Pucka.
Sent IN ~ Nina Craske.
2 RTB D Coy 19 Pl 4 th Intake 1969
Sent in Drew


1RTB C Coy 14 Platoon Kapooka April 1969.
Sent IN ~G.B. Thompson [moc.dnopgib|nospmohtbg#moc.dnopgib|nospmohtbg]

**1 RTB A Coy 2 Patoon April 1969 Kapoola **
Sent In ~Bruce Bennett 2791743~ [moc.dnopgib|8491becurb#moc.dnopgib|8491becurb]
Sent In ~Bruce Bennett 2791743~ [moc.dnopgib|8491becurb#moc.dnopgib|8491becurb]
2 RTB C Coy 15 Platoon 1 Sect 1969Pucka.

Back row ( Left to Right )
Azzapardi, Name?, Akermanis, Name? Childs, Hatfield, J. Fenech
Middle Row: Name ? B. Fenech, Beuaja, Corporal Dungy, Name ?, Name?, Name ?,
Front Row: Name ?, Davis
Sent In ~John Fenech

2 RTB A Coy 4th Intake 1 Platoon 1969 Pucka.
Sent IN ~Steve Metcalf 3797476 [moc.liamtoh|oomtem#moc.liamtoh|oomtem]

2 RTB A Coy 4th Intake 1 Platoon 1969 Pucka.
Sent IN ~Steve Metcalf 3797476 [moc.liamtoh|oomtem#moc.liamtoh|oomtem]

Sent IN ~Steve Metcalf 3797476 [moc.liamtoh|oomtem#moc.liamtoh|oomtem]

Drivers Course July 1970 Randwick NSW.

Drivers Course July 1970 Randwick NSW.

Sent IN ~Steve Metcalf 3797476 [moc.liamtoh|oomtem#moc.liamtoh|oomtem]

Transport section 5 signal reg dundas nsw.
sig reid sig lambert l L/ cpl dudley L/ cpl metcalf.
Sent IN ~Steve Metcalf 3797476 [moc.liamtoh|oomtem#moc.liamtoh|oomtem]
2RTB 5 Platoon. A Company. 4 Section. 1 Intake 1969.
Standing L-R: Bill Murphy, Ian McKay, Niel Townsend, Kevin Lloyd, Les Grondal, Gordon Gillam, Dereck Glover, Graeme Johnson, Laurie Kennedy, Niel Treasure
Sitting L – R: D McDairmid, Murray Jenkens, John Kupsch, David Hollington, Cpl Richard Young, Cpl Harry Huhse, D Hollis, D Mac Donald, Phil Mosel
Sent In ~ Gordon Gillam [moc.dnopgib|1malligg#moc.dnopgib|1malligg]
SME Casula 44/69 Corps Training Course 5 Troop 1969.
Sent In~ Barry & Charmaine Hamiltom
2 RTB B Coy 10 Platoon 3 Intake Pucka 1969.
Sent In ~ E.Trojan.
2 RTB B Coy 10 Platoon 3 Sect 3 Intake Pucka 1969.
Sent In ~ E.Trojan.
Back Row left to right
Front Row left to right
Sent in by Brian Kerin ~moc.liamtoh|8491kmb#moc.liamtoh|8491kmb
3 RTB Singleton June Intake 1 PL A Coy 1969
Sent In~Jeff James~ ua.moc.odod|semajffej#ua.moc.odod|semajffej
Rae 44/69 CTS 3 Troop Sept 1969.
Sent In~Jeff James ~ua.moc.odod|semajffej#ua.moc.odod|semajffej
1 RTB 23 Pl D Coy Dec 1969 Kapooka 1969.
23 Platoon Kapooka.1969.
L TO R~P .Roche .S Wicks .J HAGSTON.
L TO R~ Squating A Birch.G Roberts.S.Swicks.J.Petfield.
Sent In~Steve||skciws.skciW
2 RTB 3 Intake 4 Pl A Coy 1969 Pucka.
Sent In~ Alan Ferdinands ua.moc.tensutpo|eidrefnala#ua.moc.tensutpo|eidrefnala
B Row L TO R~3rd Clem Edwards.
2 RTB A Coy 3 Sect 1969 Pucka.
Sent~In ~Alan Ferdinands ua.moc.tensutpo|eidrefnala#ua.moc.tensutpo|eidrefnala
2 RTB 4 Intake 17 Platoon D Coy 2 Sect 1969 Pucka.
Sent IN ~Theo linden ~ua.ten.dnopgib|nedniltc#ua.ten.dnopgib|nedniltc
A Coy 1 RTB 6 Platoon Kapooka June 1969
I have no idea what numbered intake it was, but recruit training for me began in April 1969. As the photo indicates, the photo was taken just prior to our re-assignment to Corps Training in June 1969.
From my recollection, most of the guys here were posted to Infantry units, with the increased prospect of being Vietnam-bound. Paradoxically, of the platoon of “Regs” who occupied the floor above the 6 Platoon lines, very few were posted to a RAR and those that were, volunteered.
I was assigned to the RAAMC and after Corps training spent the rest of my National Service in the QM’s office at 2 Mil Hospital at Ingleburn. One of the few rewarding but often disconcerting tasks I had to perform, was to, once a fortnight, travel to Richmond Air Force Base to arrange for the transfer from the Hercules aircraft, the subsequent Customs-clearance, and finally, transportation back to 2 Mil of the less-seriously wounded Diggers medivac’d out of Vietnam. The more seriously wounded guys were sent straight to what was then the Concord Repatriation Hospital. A few days before the Herc arrived, I would receive a manifest of those being medivac’d. The manifest would show Regimental Number (thus revealing Nasho or Reg), rank, name and a brief description of the injuries sustained.
I might stand to be corrected, but my recollection was that the flight from Vietnam took some 30 hours, including refueling stopovers etc., and must have been quite an ordeal for those poor fellows wounded. It was hardly first-class seating. Stretchers were effectively suspended along the sides of the fuselage with anything up to 30 medivacs at a time and no flight attendants serving meals. The poor buggers did it tough! Watching the guys being transferred from the Herc to the Army ambulance, it was not usual to see the blanket cover a single leg rather than two, or dressings over eyes, or bandaging that evidenced the absence of some (or all) fingers, etc., etc. Nevertheless, I got to know a quite few of the evacuees and other staff who spent time at 2 Mil and would welcome contact from any of them, in particular, Gary Parrott, who worked in the Linen Store alongside the RSM’s wife.
Sent IN ~Graeme Lanham~[ua.ten.elpoep|mahnal_emearg#ua.ten.elpoep|mahnal_emearg]Nashos_1.JPG
Pay structure for all Nasho’s in 1969
Sent In ~Dennis Reid [ua.moc.eerht|dierjd#ua.moc.eerht|dierjd]
Back Row: From Left: Keech, Ely, Bonnett, Ising, Aesche, Eime, Freeman, Carr, Petrovich, Hepworth, Gordon, Dobie, Haines,. Reid, Allen, Hill, Berzing, Bertram
2nd Back: Goodenough, Guidera, Brown, Duffield, Ford, Allingame, Gallash, Curtin, Fletcher, Barry, Burner, Cameron, Hill, Ward, Herbert, Dolland, Drew, Aunger.
3rd Back: Caddle, Hughes, Hayton, Barnes, Agastino, Bertram, CPL Raine, BMD Murphy, SGT Grabowski, CPL Batson,CPL Ambrose, Bennett, Harten, Collins, Frydrych.
Front: Borg, Hand, Hurford, Beck, Fotheringham, Rothe, Johnson, Flynn, Nykke, Bartlett, Fedojuk, Caddle, Hamon, Healy, Bowles, Cambrell.
Sent IN~D Reid 4720453~[ua.moc.eerht|dierjd#ua.moc.eerht|dierjd]
2 RTB 1 Intake 7 PL B Coy 1969
2 RTB 1 Intake 7 PL B Coy 2 Sect 1969
Back Row: D Reid, R Gordon, D Hepworth, J Barry, N Herbert, J Hill, S Ward, P Drew
Front Row: R Hill, D Beck, N Carr, P Haines, CPL R Ambrose, L Nykke, P Collins B Harten D Aesche

Sent In ~ Dennis Reid 4720453~[ua.moc.eerht|dierjd#ua.moc.eerht|dierjd]

2 RTB 12 Platoon C Coy1969
Sent In~Geoff Moran ~ua.ten.elpoep|naromffoeg#ua.ten.elpoep|naromffoeg
2 RTB 12 Platoon C Coy 1 Sect 1969
Sent In~Geoff Moran ~ua.ten.elpoep|naromffoeg#ua.ten.elpoep|naromffoeg
Manly June 1969 School of Artillery
From the left – Standing: Trevor Mason, Dave Thomas, Geoff Moran, Ron Sputore (“Sput”) in the front – Greg Craig – Martin (Tuppy)
SENT In~ Geoff Moran ~ua.ten.elpoep|naromffoeg#ua.ten.elpoep|naromffoeg
2 RTB 2 Platoon A Coy 2 RTB 2 Intake 1969
Sent In ~Michael Catling~2792294.
2 Platoon A Coy 2 RTB 2 Intake 2 Sect 1969
Sent In ~Michael Catling~2792294.
2 RTB 1 Intake 19 Platoon D Coy 1 Sect 1969
Sent In ~Alan Jones~moc.oohay|3002hasenoj#moc.oohay|3002hasenoj
19 Platoon D Coy 1 Intake 1969
Sent In ~Alan Jones~moc.oohay|3002hasenoj#moc.oohay|3002hasenoj

Top Row: Richard Rackliff,Binnie,Matthews,O'Gorman,Walsh,Lawrie,Coles,Harper,Kernick,Caseldine,Robin Braendler,Rodney Scutter,Payne.

5th Row: Montebello,Sanders,Gebhart,Nelson,Kalnan,Walpole,Burguis,Grant Crawford,Westward,Costemeyer,Parker,Majba.

4th Row: King,Downes,Reid,Atkinson,Orr,Heath,White,Mallet,Jones,Perkins,White R,Monahan,Maloney,Herbig,Meisner.

3rd Row: Bongiorno,Owen,Billsborough,McCarron,Rhode,Schubert,Broadbent,Rathjen,McArthur,Weston,Cox,Rolls,Geoff Pederson,Maio,Jankovic.

2nd Row: Sampson,Schick,Siterenos,Krasowski,Cpl.Bridgeman,Cpl.Richards,Cpl.Logan,Lt.Green,Sgt,Sims,Cpl.Beasley,O'Callahan,Obrien,Matthews A.Were,Glover.

Front Row: MLean,Horsell,Jeffries,Manna,Close,Patterson,Smith,Foreman.

2 RTB D Coy 20 Platoon 1st Intake 1969
Sent IN Peter Jankovic ua.tsn.toirahc|cbas#ua.tsn.toirahc|cbas~
Richard Rackliff [ua.ten.dnopgib|filkcarr#ua.ten.dnopgib|filkcarr]

2 RTB D Coy 20Pl 2 Sect 1st Intake 1969 Pucka.
Hut 35, 2 Section, D Coy, 20 Platoon, 1st Pucka intake Jan 69.
Sent IN~Mike Krasowski~ moc.liamg|etybalik#moc.liamg|etybalik
2 RTB D Coy 20 PL 1 Sect 1969 Pucka
Sent IN Peter Jankovic ua.tsn.toirahc|cbas#ua.tsn.toirahc|cbas

[[image 2_RTB_3_Intake_B_Coy_7_Pl_3_Sect

_1969_Pucka.JPG size="medium"]]
F.Row R.haythorpe.J.Holden.Allan Hall.D Gabaur.Cpl.B.Richards.
Barry Highett.M Osulliven.l Harding.Barry Hamilton .
Sent In ~ C A Hamilton ua.moc.tensutpo||

SME Clerk Tech 1 1969
Back row . Sprs Mitchell; Ventriss; Wilson; Walsh; Gibson; Donohue; Eastlake.
Mid. .row . Sprs Blore; Martin; Cook; Lehmann; OKeeffe; Williams; Ventham; Chadwick.
Bott. row . Sprs Remeeus; Fotheringham; L’Cpl Rogers; Cpl Bennington; L’Cpl Dusting;
. . . Sprs Fitspatrick; Augustus.

Sent in by Harry Ventriss from Leederville, Perth WA. [ua.moc.liamezo.nh|ssirtnevh#ua.moc.liamezo.nh|ssirtnevh]

SME Clerk Tech 2 1969
Back row . Sprs Mitchell; Ventriss; Wilson; Walsh; Gibson; Donohue; Eastlake.
Mid. .row . Sprs Blore; Martin; Cook; Lehmann; OKeeffe; Williams; Ventham; Chadwick.
Bott. row . Sprs Remeeus; Fotheringham; L’Cpl Rogers; Cpl Bennington; L’Cpl Dusting;
. . . Sprs Fitspatrick; Augustus.
SME Corps Training 1969 ~6 Troop
Passing out Parade 1969 Pucka
Sent In Harry Ventriss[ua.moc.liamezo.nh|ssirtnevh#ua.moc.liamezo.nh|ssirtnevh]
Singleton Barracks

Sent in Mike Alexender** [ua.moc.tensutpo|xelaekim#ua.moc.tensutpo|xelaekim] QLD


Sent in Mike Alexender QLD[ua.moc.tensutpo|xelaekim#ua.moc.tensutpo|xelaekim]
2. R.A.A.S.C. Centre Bonegilla Detachment “The basic cooking students” of ‘69

5PL~ACOY~2RTB~1st Intake1969
Sent in~Ted Middleton~ [ua.moc.tentsew|6491_det#ua.moc.tentsew|6491_det]
Top R~1st Colin Gully.3rd Ted Middleton.8th Bill Harmer.
2nd Row~ 1st Green.
Front row: 5th Mcneil .
Sent in~Ted Middleton~ [ua.moc.tentsew|6491_det#ua.moc.tentsew|6491_det]
Back row: L-R 2nd Grant Helsinger.4th Ted Middleton.5th Colin Gully.
Front: 1st Mckiver.2nd Green.4th Green.7th McNeil .Grace,
Ted Middleton Pucka 1969~ [ua.moc.tentsew|6491_det#ua.moc.tentsew|6491_det]
1 RTB 15th Intake 24 Platoon D Coy Kapooka 1969
Sent In Ernie Burgers No. 2793256
1 RTB Awards Kapooka 1969
Sent In Ernie Burgers No. 2793256
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