Nashos Intake Photos1968

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Michael Vassallo ~~ua.ten.dnopgib|60090avm#ua.ten.dnopgib|60090avm

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IF you know any of the men in the group photos email to me and will update ua.ten.dnopgib|60090avm#ua.ten.dnopgib|60090avm

National Archives of Australia: A1200, L15835
Barracks were home to 16 men per hut, 4 each in 4 cubicles.
Toilet and ablutions blocks were about 200 yards away.
The Mess hall was 400 yards away.
Washing and drying rooms were 200 yards away.

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2 RTB Officers 9th April 1968.
Sent In ~David Adams.
1 RTB D Coy 19 Platoon November 1968 Kapooka.
Sent IN ~ Ian Reid.~Flappers Reid <moc.liamtoh|dierjtc#moc.liamtoh|dierjtc>
2RTB B Coy 7Platoon 4th Intake 1968.
Sent In ~ Chris Bean. <moc.dnopgib|naeb.rehpotsirhc#moc.dnopgib|naeb.rehpotsirhc>
1RTB A Coy 1PLatoon Kapooka 1968.
Sent In ~Denis West <ua.moc.evil|wsined#ua.moc.evil|wsined>

2 RTB A Coy 2 Platoon 1st Intake 1968.
Sent In Ian Kershaw . 4719725~moc.liamg|1wahsrek.nai#moc.liamg|1wahsrek.nai

1st Intake 14th February 1968,
2 Platoon, A Company, 2 RTB (Recruit Training Battalion), Puckapunyal
Photo by Mikainis Photo Studio, 61 Goulburn Street, Seymour, Victoria
Dated 26th March 1968

Kitson, Bob Meaney, Maynard, Schofield, Sincock, John Miels,, Hopkins, Waldie, Hughes, Woolard, Pritchard, Parsons, Nesbitt, Peter Williams, Norris, Stead, John Kohnke.

Wayne Vears, Norman, Alan Kolstad, Henry Morton, Laskowski, Peluso, Renshaw, Tink, Jankovic, Logins, Don Hemsley, Bob
Dabrowski, Warhurst, Rossl, Hicks, Hoile.

Nottle, Templeton, Graham Knight, Jenkins, Leith Holder, Bob Powell, Barry Mills, 2LT Harris, Corporal Beare, Lance Bombardier Joyce, Jans Larsens, Paterson, Perrot, Lewis, Smith, May.

Ian Kershaw, Colin Wakelin, Charles Holmes, Jones, Zeugofsge, Daniels, Gavin McAuliffe, Lines, Thompson, Alexander Remeljej.

2 RTB B Company 7 Platoon 1st Intake 1968.
Trevor Hay 2nd from left in the row standing second from top.
Sent In Trevor Hay~ua.ten.dnopgib|yahgis#ua.ten.dnopgib|yahgis
David Hay 4th from left, middle row
John Mortimer 3rd from left, middle row
Kevin Rutter 3rd from right, top row
Keith Eastwood 5th from right, top row
? Lee 6th from right top row
Barry Flyner 4th from right 2nd row
Lt Frank Meredith,

2 RTB C Coy 11 Platoon 1st Intake 1968.
Sent In ~ David Hay ~<ua.moc.tensutpo|yahgdivad#ua.moc.tensutpo|yahgdivad>

2 RTB C Coy 11 Platoon May 1968
Sent In ~ Roye Fletcher.
2 RTB C Coy 11 Platoon 1968.
Sent In ~ Robert
1 RTB A Coy 1 Platoon Kapooka 1968.
Sent in ~ John Baker <ua.ten.tenii|rekabnhoj#ua.ten.tenii|rekabnhoj>
Back Row~ L to R. Arnold Sprogis. Graham Nathan. John Baker. Martin Hartl.
Corps Training AAMRC Healesville 1968.
Sent In ~ John Baker <ua.ten.tenii|rekabnhoj#ua.ten.tenii|rekabnhoj>
Front row : Lawson, Walsh, Leslie,Briggs, Stuart, Rodger, Dole, Clarke, McPherson
2nd row. : Helmrich, Donges, Smith, Cpl Robert-Thomas, Lt Wallens, Sgt Englis, Battams,Thompson, Wilson, Bevis, Powell
3rd row. : Cpl Myers, Hinze, Brown, Kerry, Fratus, Clarke, Hulzhauser, Evans, Elferson, Patterson, Collard, Cpl Van
Back row : Alchin, Hunt, Mark, Gaw, Butler, Pollock, Burns, Bartes,Sheehan, Hart, Summers
3 TB B Coy 8 Pl 13th Intake 1968.
Sent In ~ Graham Pollock.
1 RTB B Coy 8 Platoon Kapooka 1968.
Back Row Left:
Storm; Magee; Lourie; Runciman; Power; MacDougal; Vick; Bolitho; Kool; Heenan; Sutton; Plant; Maher; Lynch; Steendam(?); Baxter; Clarke.
3rd Row Left:
Moll; Dumesny; Costello; Atkinson; Brown; Bath; Burnett; Laycock; Anderson; Liddel; Taylor; Hanrahann; Paola; Kemp; Brown; Laws; Reither; Ryan.
2nd Row Left:
Morgan; Johnson; Pooley; Hibbert; Holden; Ley; Cpl. Holz; Cpl. Griffiths; Lt .Elliot; Sgt. Savage; Cpl. Meyza; Cpl. Sutherland; Roberts; Methueen; Jardine; Henderson; Moloney.
Front Row Left:
Hilderbrandt; Panozza; Jane; McRae; Davis; Wells Doolan; Ball; Madeley; Morris; Schepis; Pesic; Powell

2 RTB A-Coy 3 Platoon 4th Intake 1968.

Send In ~ Robert Moll~moc.dnopgib|2bobdnaaleon#moc.dnopgib|2bobdnaaleon

Back row – K.Morgan; G.Atkinson; J.Madeley; R.Moll; G.Macdougall; I.Reither; G.Runcimann; B.Costello; E.Brown.
Front Row- R.Hilderbrandt; J.Hibbert; R.Dumesny; Cpl.F.Meyza; G.Storm; D.Power; W.Schepis; A.Magee
2 RTB A Coy 3 Pl 3 Sect 4th Intake 1968.
Sent In ~ Robert Moll.
2 RTB A Coy 3 Platoon 1st Intake 1968.
Sent IN ~ Phillip Ham.~~moc.liamg|mahnyborpilihp#moc.liamg|mahnyborpilihp]

Back row l-r Bruce Neilson, Brian Billing, Philip Ham, Don Chalmers, Norm Grace, Richard Lesinski.
Front row l-r Frank Upward, A. Reid, William Bailey, Corporal ?, John Bonjak(?), John Chafer, Graeme Dow

2 RTB A Coy 3 Platoon 3 Sect 1st Intake 1968.
Sent IN ~ Phillip Ham.~~moc.liamg|mahnyborpilihp#moc.liamg|mahnyborpilihp]

2 RTB A Coy 5 Platoon 3 rd Intake 3 Sect 1968
Sent In Gus Shea. gus shea <moc.liamtoh|aehssug#moc.liamtoh|aehssug>
2RTB C Coy 13 Platoon 3rd Intake 1968.
R TO L Botton Row, 3rd sitting down Warwick Ledsham.
Sent in ~ Warwick ua.moc.oohay|mahsdeltap.mahsdeL#ua.moc.oohay|mahsdeltap.mahsdeL
R TO L Botton row 4th Warwick Ledsham~ua.moc.oohay|mahsdeltap#ua.moc.oohay|mahsdeltap
2RTB C Coy 13 Platoon 4 Sect 3rd Intake 1968.
Sent in ~ Warwick Ledsham.
2 RTB 6 Platoon B Coy 2nd Intake 1968,

Sent IN ~ Robert Bamford.~Robert Bamford <ua.moc.tensutpo|drofmabhtrebor#ua.moc.tensutpo|drofmabhtrebor>

2 RTB 6 Platoon B Coy 2 Sect 2nd Intake 1968
Neil Hodgsen. Paul Reidy. Colin ‘Slim’ Hicks. Bruce ‘Luigi’ Shaw. Keith Hocking
Jim Martin
Centre Row

Mark Bullen. Geoff Pettman. Dave Tallis. John Armstrong. Barry Nunn
Front Row
Max Cleave. Leon Stewart. Cpl Kenna. Robert ‘Bob’ Bamford.
Malcolm ‘Fred’ Baker
(Provided by Bob Bamford)~Robert Bamford <ua.moc.tensutpo|drofmabhtrebor#ua.moc.tensutpo|drofmabhtrebor>

May 1968 2 RTB Puckapunyal.
? ? ? John. D Burns ? ? J. R. Miller. Ron Webster. ?
Jim Stewart ? ? ? ? ? ?
C Company, 12th Platoon, ? Section
Bob. Williams
Allan. D. Carbis
Wayne. Zedlley
Bill. Mitchell
Richard. C. Brook
Andy. McKay
R. Knight
K. Polan
?. Taylor
Frank. ?
And I think Bombardier. R. Whitley
2 RTB C Coy 12Pl Sect? 1968.

Sent In John Burns> moc.kooltuo|74ysnrub#moc.kooltuo|74ysnrub.


2 RTB A Coy 3 Pl 2nd Intake 3 Sect 1968.
Top. LHS R Frost, Bull, Agnew, Don Dieckmann,?, Doyle, ? , RButler, Kevin Bertram.
Front from LHS Peter Donellan, Bence, Bolt,?, Cpl?, ?, ?, Adrian Crouch

Send in Adrian Crouch.~~adrian <ua.moc.sumirpi|tohspans#ua.moc.sumirpi|tohspans>

2RTB B Coy 10 Pl 2nd Intake 3 Sect 1968.
Sent In ~ Lindsay Mackay.
Back row from the Left
First Second Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Seventh Eighth Ninth Tenth,
Ron???? ——?- Steve Mason ? Wayne Darley ? ? Harvey ? ? ?

Front Row from Left

First Second Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Seventh Eighth

? Reg Bilby ? ? Corp Venimeer Col Renahan ? Gasparrowvic ?

The Sargent was the Famous Sargent Savage….great Man and Great Soldier.

Comp Major was Major Jackson.

WO was WO Bayliss.
2RTB A Coy 3 Pl 3 Sect 1st Intake 1968
Sent In ~ Steve Mason.


2 RTB B Coy 6 Pl July 1968 3rd intake Puckapunyal.
Take care

Send in Terry Docking.

2 RTB A Coy 1 Pl 4th Intake 1968.
First row, third in from the left.Peter Saunders.
Sent In ~Peter Saunders. <ua.ten.dnopgib|71don#ua.ten.dnopgib|71don>
Front row second from the left.Peter Saunders.
2 RTB A Coy 1 Pl 2 Sect 4th Intake 1968.
Sent In ~Peter Saunders. <ua.ten.dnopgib|71don#ua.ten.dnopgib|71don>
Back Row: Recruits Docking, Bryan, Walters, Byers, Tanner, Ramsdale, Vandersluys (?), Miller, Johnston, Burrows, Garth, Mourant.
Fourth Row: Recruits Walker, Bromfield, Richardson, Glover, Reed, Willis, Lord, Murphy, Woodward, Sculthorpe, Blair, Ray, Mason, Cole.
Third Row: Recruits McCarthy, Cattigan, Wicks, Scott GC, Clarke LC, Silver, Harcourt, Clark DE, Fahey, Summers(?), Butler, Scott RA.
Second Row: Recruits Lawler, Bawden, Davidson, McEnulty, Cpl Wilkinson, LCpl Cribb, 2LT Wesley-Smith, Sgt Noble, Cpl Wass, Recruits Standage, Flack, Cornish, Mantoch(?)
Front Row: Recruits White, Moase(?), Keech, Bennett, Faulds, Gower, Young, Franklin, Laird.
Apparently Recruits Beekmeyer and Roach were absent for the photo.
2RTB D Coy 17 platoon 1st Intake 1968.

John Keeck ~ua.moc.liamezo|eekjv#ua.moc.liamezo|eekjv
Sent In~Terry Wesley-Smith.

2 RTB D Coy 17 Pl 2nd Intake 1968.
Aladi, Attard, Bensley, Bereshny, Bird, Brown, Buck, Burrows, Buse, Collie, Cooper, Cross, De Groot, Denham, Drew, Edwards, Ehnholm, Featherstone, Fletcher, Fraser-Byass, Gittus, Gluyas, Goggins, Golubenko, Grahame, Hall, Hill, Hoadley, Jacobs, John, Keeler, Khan, Krois, Labbin, Lamond, Livesay, Marshall, McCormick, McKenna, Morrison, Moschetti, Mundy, Omachen, O’Neill, Pentney, Peterson, Pollock, Pope, Posterino, Reid, Richmond, Riley, Robbins, Roberts, Rowe, Rumble, Shaw, Smith BJ, Smith RL, Tabacco, Thompson, Turner, Westworth, Wicke, Wood.
L to R ~ Cpl Wass, Sgt Johnston, Cpl Wilkinson.
Sent In~Terry Wesley-Smith.
2 RTB 18 Platoon D Coy 1st Intake 1968
Sent In ~Bill Clark.3791853
Sig W K Clark
110 Sig Sqn
Sth Vietnam
2 RTB A Coy 4 Pl 4th Intake 1968.
Sent In ~ Ray Evans [ ex RAAMC. ]
John Crerar [ua.moc.enohpnrehtuos|rcj#ua.moc.enohpnrehtuos|rcj]
Catering Course Bonegilla 1968/1969.
Sent IN ~Pat & Jeanette [moc.dnopgib|noswal.kcirtap#moc.dnopgib|noswal.kcirtap]
Joe and I (Pat Lawson) are trying to locate Catering Corps members who were stationed at the Army Apprentice School Balcombe between 1968 and 1970 hopefully to organize a reunion
2 RTB B Coy 9 Platoon 1 Intake 1968
Top Row L To R~5th Rodney MCnab,7th Linton Malley,9th Wally Townsend,11th Laurie Waddell.
2rd Row~,4th Graeme ,10th Alan Canty,
3rd Row
Front Row ~4th Cpl Wern,7th Captain Peter Harrington,8th Cpl Mcbinde,10th Cpl Cox,11th Normie Rowe.
Sent in~Laurie Waddell.
2RTB A Coy 5 PL 1 Intake 1968 Pucka.
Top row L-R: Carlson, Devery, Canning, Daws, Gale, Dunstan, Bunting, Clarke, Cane, Gibson, Bullow, Harris, & Churchill.
2nd row L-R: Garvey, English, Gibbons, Andrews, Cogan, Austwick, Craik, Dunian, Beveridge, Archer, Greenhaugh,
Bashford, Hanbury & Hincks.
3rd row L-R: Chard, Carr, Atkinson, Cameron, Braat, L’Cpl Minchin, Sgt Pollock, 2nd Lt Witheridge, Cpl Hamilton, Cpl Little,
O’Donnell, Rook, Blewdan & Finucan.
Front L-R: Courtney, Fosdick, Knapp, Fifer, Campbell, Agius, Bridge & Goulder.
Sent in~John Gale~ [moc.dnopgib|elag.trawetsnhoj#moc.dnopgib|elag.trawetsnhoj]
Approx 90% of which I believe came from Western Australia.
2 RTB A Coy 5PL 1 Sect 1 Intake 1968 Pucka.
5 -PLATOON: A COY, 2RTB: 1- INTAKE- 1968, 1 SEC.
Back L-R: Geoff Fifer, Bernard Garvey, Roger Bunting, John Gale, Kieran Devery, Colin Beveridge, Glenn Archer
& David Bullow.
Seated L-R: G Campbell, Robert Cogan, G Knapp, Frederick Andrews, Cpl Hamilton, Brentan Rook, Terry O’Donnell,
John Agius & Robert Dunian.
Sent in~John Gale~ [moc.dnopgib|elag.trawetsnhoj#moc.dnopgib|elag.trawetsnhoj]
Approx 90% of which I believe came from Western Australia.

2RTB D Coy 18 PL 2 Intake 1968.
Sent IN ~Alan Bruce Nelson ua.moc.tensutpo|4noslenba#ua.moc.tensutpo|4noslenba

Sent IN ~Alan Bruce Nelson ua.moc.tensutpo|4noslenba#ua.moc.tensutpo|4noslenba
2RTB D Coy 18 PL 2 Intake 1968.

**2 RTB B Coy 7 Platoon 2 Intake 1968 Pucka.
Top row L to R – 5th from the left Mike Kerin. <ua.ten.dnopgib|1nirekc#ua.ten.dnopgib|1nirekc>

Sent In ~Brian Paul~(Ex Cpl 3793838 R Aust Provost)** [ua.ten.toirahc.civ|luapnonnikcm#ua.ten.toirahc.civ|luapnonnikcm]


**2 RTB B Coy 7 Platoon 2 Sect 2 Intake 1968 Pucka.

Sent In ~Brian Paul~(Ex Cpl 3793838 R Aust Provost)** [ua.ten.toirahc.civ|luapnonnikcm#ua.ten.toirahc.civ|luapnonnikcm]

Top Row~L To R ~9th Bruce James MANSFIELD
2 RTB D Coy 20 Platoon 2nd Intake 1968 Pucka.
Sent In ~ Bruce James MANSFIELD~ 2789616~~ [ua.moc.tensutpo|01esoogmjb#ua.moc.tensutpo|01esoogmjb]
7 Platoon B Coy Kapooka 1968.
First in line is Greg Daniels, 3rd is Pte Strickland and the last in the line is Pte Paul Hawker later to retire as a Major.
Sent In~Gregory Daniels~ [moc.liamtoh|yrogerg_sleinad#moc.liamtoh|yrogerg_sleinad]
2RTB A Coy 21 PL 1968.
Attached is our 40th Anniversary photo that includes our 1968 Platoon photo.
Sent In ~ Roger Lingard~moc.egdolacituan|ofni#moc.egdolacituan|ofni
21 Platoon 1 68 2RTB INC
Back Row L to R 14th Kevin Grime.
5th from right back row maybe ? Mitchell used to clean trains after accidents lived same street as little patty
6th from right back ? Kowolski or Powoloski something like that
4th fr left back row ? Denny
Anybody wants to contact me, my yahoo address moc.oohay|74rgnivek#moc.oohay|74rgnivek
I have some 8mm footage of 2RTB, Route march, March out, & Radar detach RAA, quality a bit sad but on DVD now
and willing to share. Service - RAA, Radar Op 131 Div Loc Bty Holsworty, SVN 69/70 driver 1ACAU Nui Dat
Currently live in Valla NSW (near Nambucca Heads)
(can be added to web site)
I kept many mementos, leave passes, original letters from govt, pass outs, lots of clips from Army newspaper
from 1969/1970. I have some 8mm footage of 2RTB, Route march, March out, Radar detach all a bit sad but on DVD now
and willing to share. Recent years I have been scanning and enhancing Unit members slides to CD/DVD for storage in Museum in SA, so far have done a few thousand slides all the celluloid is breaking down.
Sent In ~Kevin moc.oohay|74rgnivek.emirG#moc.oohay|74rgnivek.emirG
Back row 3rd from right~Kevin Grime

Sent In ~Kevin moc.oohay|74rgnivek.emirG#moc.oohay|74rgnivek.emirG

3TB ~B Coy 9 Platoon 4 Intake 1968 Singleton .

Back Row L TO R~ 8th RON Learmonth.
2nd row 2nd from left robert (bob) graham 2791084~moc.dnopgib|21maharg.bob#moc.dnopgib|21maharg.bob
Front Row L To R ~6th 2 LT Gary John Mckay.
Sent In ~RON Learmonth. 2791189.[moc.dnopgib|htnomraelrr#moc.dnopgib|htnomraelrr]

SME 41/69 Corps Trg Course 2 TRoop Jan 1969 Casula.
Sent In ~RON Learmonth. 2791189. [moc.dnopgib|htnomraelrr#moc.dnopgib|htnomraelrr]
Back row-?-?-?-?-?-?-?-Ted forward-?-?-Mickan-?-?-?-?-Arthur Cruise
Second row-?-?-?-?-?-?-Wayne Wilkinson-?-?-John Menzel-?- ?Magor-?-?-?-?-?
Third Row-?-?-?-?-?-?-Cpl Webster-Cpl?-Lt. Allen-Sgt Fenik-Cpl?-?-?-?-?-?
Front row-Pat Lawson(Shorty)-Graham Hutchinson-?-Barry Ryan-“Yogi”-John Brazel-Gary Smythe-(Mathews?)-?-?-?-?-?
2 RTB A Coy 2 Platoon 3 Intake 1968 Pucka.
Sent In ~Pat Lawson[moc.dnopgib|noswal.kcirtap#moc.dnopgib|noswal.kcirtap]
2 RTB A Coy 2 Platoon 2 Sect 3 Intake 1968 Pucka.
Sent In ~ Pat Lawson[moc.dnopgib|noswal.kcirtap#moc.dnopgib|noswal.kcirtap
2 Platoon A Coy Barraks Pucka 1968
Sent In ~ Pat Lawson [moc.dnopgib|noswal.kcirtap#moc.dnopgib|noswal.kcirtap

2 RTB 2 Intake 11 Platoon C Coy 1968 Pucka
Turner Stone D Grose Visich Mutter Stayley Stiles Stone P Price Saunders Morgan Smith A
Stewart I Woods Stokes Sturmer Chirkop Walsh Moss Tait Rice Sturniolo Piper Trigwell
Scott Shaw Ross Thompson Starkey Stewart Van Dongen Nettleton Obrien White Sewall Skeet
Thompson Smith C Purcell Payne Phillips Waldren Wardrope Purdie Perry Reid Fletcher Loader
Scrivener Murphy Cpl Maxstead Cpl Washington Cpl Woods Lt Rollinson Cpl Ace L Cpl Pierce Bdr Cheyne Wardle Rosewarn
Warren Robbins Woodward Piercey Ward Norris Shorto Paiano
Sent In ~Andrew Purdie.
2 RTB 2 Intake 11 Platoon C Coy 4 Sect 1968 Pucka
Sent In ~Andrew Purdie.
2 RTB C Coy 14 Pl 2 Intake 1968 Pucka.
Sent in~John Capes.3793917. [ua.ten.dnopgib|sepacj#ua.ten.dnopgib|sepacj]

2 RTB C Coy 14 Pl 2 Intake 1968 Pucka.
Sent in~John Capes.3793917. [ua.ten.dnopgib|sepacj#ua.ten.dnopgib|sepacj]

2 RTB C Coy 14 Pl 2 Sect 2 Intake 1968 Pucka.
Back row (L-R) ? - ? 3rd ROBERT HUNTER. - ? - ?
Middle row (L-R) ( L-R ) Len Farrell-?- Gerry Campani- ?-?-?

Front Row (F-R) ) L TO R~John Capes -? -Bengamy- Cpl Magerle- Frank Carbone-? Frank Breen.

Sent in~John Capes.3793917.[ua.ten.dnopgib|sepacj#ua.ten.dnopgib|sepacj]

Frank Carbone~ua.moc.sumirpi|fenobrac#ua.moc.sumirpi|fenobrac
Robert hunter <moc.nsm|atnuhbob#moc.nsm|atnuhbob>

Back Row: Hudson, Scali, Scott, Highet, Gardner, Wright, Prosser, Price, Ward, Hunter, Smith, Ward
4th Row: Pieri, Van Helden, Jackson, Wells, Woodhouse, White, Wright, Tonich, White, Warman, Pentony, Wood, Plackett, Robertson
3rd Row: Smylie, Simms, Robartson, Petrovich, Renouf, Priest, Waldeck, Tromans, Ritchie, Hudson, Willis, Howkins, Sayer
2nd Row: Wright, Thomas, Rowe, Risinger, Cpl Klysz, Cpl Cheyne, Sgt Reed, Cpl Young, Cpl Magerle, Cpl Weare, Sajtinac, Stokes, Pawloff, Jones
Front Row: Callaghan, Young, Woodward, Wynne, Hutchings, Hocking.

2 RTB 14 Platoon 11th Intake February 1968 C Coy Pucka.
Sent In ~David Price [ua.moc.sumirpi|ecirpdivad#ua.moc.sumirpi|ecirpdivad]

Back Row: Wood, Ward, Ward, Prosser, Wright, Price, White, Thomas
Front Row: Waldeck, Tonich, Priest, White, Cpl Magerle, Pieri, Willis, Pawloff, Van Helden
14 Platoon Sect 1968 Pucka.11th Intake, February 1968
Sent In ~David Price [ua.moc.sumirpi|ecirpdivad#ua.moc.sumirpi|ecirpdivad]
Sent In Tony Green~moc.artslet|neergtynohtna#moc.artslet|neergtynohtna
2 RTB 1 Sect 3rd Intake 1968
Sent In Tony Green~moc.artslet|neergtynohtna#moc.artslet|neergtynohtna
Sent In Tony Green~moc.artslet|neergtynohtna#moc.artslet|neergtynohtna
1 RTB 22 Platoon D Coy Kapooka 1968
Sent IN~John (Tex) Condon
1 RTB 8 Platoon B Coy 1968.
Sent IN ~Bob Wade~[ua.moc.kcabtuo|edawbob#ua.moc.kcabtuo|edawbob]
8 Platoon Route March
2nd from the right.Bob Wade.
Sent IN ~Bob Wade~[ua.moc.kcabtuo|edawbob#ua.moc.kcabtuo|edawbob]
Right to Left.Bob Wade.Morris Close.&Peter Blanchard.
8 Platoon Roll Call
Sent IN ~Bob Wade~[ua.moc.kcabtuo|edawbob#ua.moc.kcabtuo|edawbob]
2 RTB 18 Pl D Coy 3rd Intake 1968 Pucka
Sent In~ Neville Gallopua.ten.tpaa|iddnaven#ua.ten.tpaa|iddnaven
2 RTB 18 Platoon D Coy 1 Sect 13 Intake 1968
Sent In~ Neville Gallopua.ten.tpaa|iddnaven#ua.ten.tpaa|iddnaven
2 RTB A Coy 1 Platoon Pucka 1968
Men from A Coy 1 platoon
Sent In~John Stephens
2 RTB A Coy 1 Platoon 3 Sect Pucka 1968
Sent In~John Stephens
Men from 1 Platoon A Coy
Sent In~John Stephen~moc.dnopgib|6snehpetsnhoj#moc.dnopgib|6snehpetsnhoj.
2 RTB 3 Intake 4 Pl A Coy 1968
Sent In ~Allen Neilson ~moc.dnopgib|lienpka#moc.dnopgib|lienpka
2 RTB 3 Intake 4 Platoon 4 Sect 1968 Pucka
Back Row – Barry O’Leary, Mervyn Bott, Vick Lowes, Ian Crothers, Bill Jones, Allen Neilson, Peter Muncey
Front Row- Brian Baker, Colin Coyle, Cpl Hulse, Sgt Lundie, Cpl Jones, Ernie White Ray Borschmann, Dennis Gallagher
Sent In ~Allen Neilson ~moc.dnopgib|lienpka#moc.dnopgib|lienpka

3 TB~10Pl Bravo Coy 3rd Batt Singleton NSW 1968
Top Row L to R S Franklin; R Hawkins; F Murray; W Schuba; R Blyton; P Brew; J Fredricksen; W Watson; T Shrapnel; D Nixon-Smith; D Sparrow; J Smith.
3rd Row L to R T Dwan; A Greaves; G Chatfield; J Elliot; C Wright; G Dutton; R Herbert; D Richard Preston; I Douglas; D Udell; G Smith; T Sievers; R Sullivan; E Harris
2nd Row L To R D Doring; B Gioseffi; B Hermann; Cpl 'Johnno' Johnson; Cpl Ken Carlson; Sgt 'Jock' Kelly; 2nd Lt McLeod; Cpl 'Ned' Kelly; Cpl Pat Healy; B Corran; J Myers; ? Atkins
Front Row L To R D Ellwood; G Lloyd; P Brady; R King; P Cottrell; P Oudyn; J Mole; H Wolff; L Whelan;
Missing Rees and K Hoy to OTU; J Singleton, P Ellis discharged-medical; K McCloud discharged-unfit to serve. D Love (possibly in hospital)

D Coy 18pl 3TB Singleton Intake 1 May 1968
T-Row~ L To R~ 1734617Smith-G Craig-?-?-Buckley?-?-?-?-?-Cannon?-Evans-?
2nd Row~L To R~ ?-?-?-?-?-?-?-?-?-?-Ellis-?
3rd Row ~L ~To~ ?-?-?-?-?-Lt.Kelly-?-?-?-?-H Kennell-G Neilson
Front Row~L To R~ Zammit-?-Van Johnson-May?-?-?-N Mallard-?-?
Sent In~Norman Mallard 1734149~[moc.dnopgib|84ssoh#moc.dnopgib|84ssoh]
8Platoon B Coy Intake May 1968 Pucka
Sent in Ian Gibson [ua.moc.tensutpo|15camob#ua.moc.tensutpo|15camob]
8Platoon B Coy Intake May 1968 Pucka
Sent in Ian Gibson [ua.moc.tensutpo|15camob#ua.moc.tensutpo|15camob]
Gibbo and Ian phillips at Canungra
6 Intake 1968 10 Platoon C Coy 1 RTB Kapooka
Back Row L to R. Hurst, x x x Murphy, x x x etc
2nd Row L to R. x x x x x x x Hennessy, Pedergnana, x x x x x etc
3rd Row L to R.1st Pearce, 3rd Row, 2nd from right. John Wells x
x x O'Grady, x x x x x x x x etc
Front row L to R: Hurley, x x x Sgt Pearson, Lt Orr, x x x x x x x etc
Sent in ~George Hennessy 2789021 [ua.moc.liamezo|eertagu#ua.moc.liamezo|eertagu]
14 Platoon D Coy 3TB Infantry Training Singleton 1968
Top Row Left to Right.
Smith; Tranter; Nash; Kavanagh; McKillop; Bomford; Hogbin; Whalan; McCurley;
Allington; O’Grady; Kruisdyk; Donaghue; Travis; Pearce; Sewell; Steels; Murphy
Centre Row Left to Right.
Tollis; Mulley; McCluskey; Gerrish; McClean; Tebbitt; White; Imlay; McCarthy; Rogan; Hurley; Spencer; Huenbein; Kilbey; Miller; Hanks; Mackay; Hennessy.
Front Row Left to Right.
Swan: Whittaker; Ross; Drommel; Cpl Hunter; Cpl Teague; Sgt Kitson; Cpl Laird; Cpl Murton; Agius; Neboraczek; Rutledge; Purcell.
Sent in ~George Hennessy 2789021 [ua.moc.liamezo|eertaguh#ua.moc.liamezo|eertaguh]
Taken in 1968 and 1969 in Singapore and Malaysia. Photo one at Headquarters Far Eastern Land Forces, Tanglin Barracks, Singapore. ANZAC day duties at Kranji War Memorial.
Second photo training with 8RAR Terendah Barracks, Malacca, Malaysia.
** Sent In Russell Adams 3791627[moc.oohay|susmadar#moc.oohay|susmadar]
2RTB 2 Intake 11 Platoon C Coy 1968 Pucka
Back row: x, stone, Michael Grosse, Stan Vicich, Kerry Staley, x, x, Stone, x, R Saunders, E Morgan, x
Second row: x, Keiran Woods, Brian Stoles, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, Trigwell.
Third row: x, x, x, Les Thompson, x, x, Van Dongen, Mike Nettleton, Eric O’Brien, x, Brian Sewell, x
Fourth row: x, x, Purdy, x, Neville Phillips, Nick Waldon, x, x, Ray Perry, F Reid, Roy Fletcher, Stan Loader
Fifth row: x, x, L/Cpl Harvey Pearce, Cpl W Washington, x, Lieut P J Rollinson, Cpl T D Ace, L/Cpl Reg Maxted, L/Cpl Jeffrey Cheyne, x, x
Front row: Warren, x, x, x, Ray Ward, x, Ken Shorto, Piano
Sent In ~Stan Vicich**
2 RTB 11 Platoon 2 Sect C Coy 2nd Intake 1968 Pucka
Top Row Nevile Phillips, Roy Fletcher, Eric O'Brien, F Reid ? & Stan Loader.
Middle row Left to right Michael Grosse, T.Thompson, Stan Vicich, E. Morgan, Mick Waldon,
Bot Row left to right Mike Nettleton, R. Ward, Ken Shorto,
L/Cpl Jeffrey Cheyne, Brian Stokes, Keiran Woods & R. Saunders.
Sent In Mike Grossemoc.liamg|essorgkcim#moc.liamg|essorgkcim
2 RTB 1ST Intake C Coy 15 Platoon 1968 Pucka
Back Row L TO R~Dave Goulding, Dennis Battison, Ian Farr, Howard Smith, Joe Krause, Glen Brown, Ray Young, Neil Leckie (Vic), John Bathie (NSW), Jock Wright, Don Beresney (NSW), Ian Worsley, Ivor Peach, Jim Stephenson.
2nd Back: L TO R~ John Fitzgerald, John Dunnington, ? Semmel, Alec Barclay, Eric Matthews, Robert Scott, ? Brookes, ? Godber, Robert Hillberg, Keith Wilson, Laurie Sullivan, Richard Pearson, Robert Bush, John Duffy.
Middle L TO R~ Ian Williams (NSW), Ken Worsley, Ian Harrison, Ron Strickland (NSW), Ross McConchie, Adam Torrance, F. Misson, Doug Black (NSW), Peter Howe, Dennis Cosgriff, ? Hocking, ?Hoyne, Barnes.
2nd Front L TO R~ Mick Harvey, Brian Beesley, Graeme Hunter, Neil Frost, CPL Burnett, CPL Raymond, 2Lt Mick Neels, SGT Tyers, CPL Edwards, BDR Zangl, Paul Perryman, Les Nowicki, Len Martin.
Front: L TO R~Alf Borg, Doug Sawkins, Ray Vernell, Charles Iozzy, Leo Keppell, Ron Gawley, Eric Snow (NSW), Gil Stubbs, Stuart Dickson,? Douglas.
SENT IN~Major Neil Leckie RFD 3792831 Intake 1/68
Scheyville Graduate Class 3/68

Neil Leckie moc.liamtoh|eikcelakn#moc.liamtoh|eikcelakn
2RTB 4 Section 15 Platoon C Coy 1st intake of 1968.
Back. L To R~Ian Williams, Robert Scott, John Bathie, Neil Leckie, Don Beresney, Doug Black, Laurie Sullivan.
Front.L To R~Gil Stubbs, Doug Sawkins, CPL Andy Burnett, Eric Snow, Ron Stickland, Brian Beesley.
SENT IN~Major Neil Leckie RFD 3792831 Intake 1/68
Scheyville Graduate Class 3/68

Neil Leckie moc.liamtoh|eikcelakn#moc.liamtoh|eikcelakn
1st Intake 15 Platoon C Coy 1968.Pucka.
Top Row L To R.
2nd Row L To R.
3rd Row L To R. 9th Grahame May
4th Row L To R.
Bot Row L To R.
Sent In Bob McGuire [ua.moc.tensutpo|15camob#ua.moc.tensutpo|15camob]
From Peter Baulch of Perth.
2RTB 1st Intake 21 Platoon A Coy 1 Sect 1968 Pucka
1 section 21 platoon A Company 1st intake 1968
**Photo from Barry Magor for Jim Griffiths
2 RTB 2nd Intake 3 Platoon 4 Sect A Coy 1968
Photo from Barry Magor for Jim Griffiths
2RTB 3rd Intake 3 Platoon 3 Sect A Coy 1968
Names Sent In ~ Tony Green~moc.artslet|neergtynohtna#moc.artslet|neergtynohtna
Photo from Barry Magor for Jim Griffiths
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