Intake Nashos 1967~1RTB.2RTB.3TB.

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Thanks Michael Vassallo

2RTB B Coy 6 Platoon 3RD Intake 2 Sect 1967.
Front row 3rd from right Jim Morrissey.
our NCO was Cpl McGovern
Third from the right in the back row was ?Jarvie, Neil perhaps.
Sent in ~Jim Morrissey.
1 RTB C Coy 15 Platoon 1967.
1 RTB C Coy 15 Platoon 1967.March out Parade .
Sent In ~ Andrew Wardle.
2 RTB B Coy 6 platoon 2 Sect 3rd Intake 1967.

Front row,3rd from left Jim Morrissey.
NCO was Cpl McGovern
Third from the right in the back row was ?Jarvie, Neil perhaps and I really don’t know why I remember that one.
Sent in ~Jim Morrissey ua.moc.civtsew|yessirrom.mij#ua.moc.civtsew|yessirrom.mij

2 RTB B Coy 2nd Intake 6 Platoon 1967.
Sent IN~ Jason Toner <moc.liamg|75llubon#moc.liamg|75llubon>
1RTB D Coy 21Platoon 1967.
Sent In ~ Peter Phillips.
1RTB D Coy 24PL Kapooka Oct 1967.
Sent In ~ Nicholas Knight.
North Head Feb 1967.
Sent IN ~ Paul Carroll.

North Head LAA Sqaud May 1967.
Sent IN ~ Paul Carroll.

Rear No.i blank No.2.Peter Price no.3 Michael Woods No.4 Bill Langford No.5 Phillip Anderson no. 9 R Burnett no. 10 Terry Casey No.11 Peter Oolop
no12 Lee Visser
no.13 Trevor Sargent no.15 A Cole

Standing 1.Ray Marshall.2Tony Jones 3. Michael Woods 4. John Morey 9. Ray McInnes 10. Michael Baker 11.Trevor Sargent 12. Leigh Curley 13 Neil Fartch / Fraser

Sitting 1. Brian Lawrence 3. Geoff Bravo 4. Alec Wilson 5. Cpl Diss 6. Cpl Lundie 8. Sgt Allen 13. John Cotton

Front 1. Des Fiddes 2,\. Kevin Colvin 35. Howard Beale 7. Geoff Beamish 8. Alan Jones

2RTB A Coy 4PL 3rd Intake 1967 Peter Price.

Sent IN~ Peter Price.
Trevor Sargent~ moc.liamg|74egras.t#moc.liamg|74egras.t

2RTB A Coy 4PL 3rd Intake 2 Sect 1967 Peter Price.
Names from the left top rank – Terry Casey, Peter Price, Philip Anderson, Michael Baker, Ray Innis, ??, A Cole
Bottom Rank – John Morey, Geoff Bravo, Alex Wilson, Michael Woods, CPL Lundie, John Cotton, N Hazeldine, R Burnett.
Absent – Kerry Archer.

Sent IN~ Peter moc.liamg|75ecirpap.ecirP#moc.liamg|75ecirpap.ecirP

1 RTB C Coy 17 Platoon June 1967.

Sent In~Bob Partridge ua.moc.odod|kcuhctan#ua.moc.odod|kcuhctan .


2RTB Puckapunyal, 9th National Service Intake, 17 Platoon, D Company, 12 July 1967 – 17 September 1967 - West Australians

Back Row L to R Ken Crouch, Graeme Bowen, Peter Fitzgerald, Brian Cleaver, Colin Cook, Fred Abbott, William (Bill) Awcock, Bob Courtney, Laurie Evans, Barry Campbell, Kevin Eatt

4Th Row L to R Barry Clarke, Bob Clayden, Nick Ekstam, Robert (Bob) Bloxsome, Neville Farr, Peter Clayton, Wayne L Cook, Robert (Bob) Banks, Mal Cousin, Les Vale, Kevin Battaglia, Ugo De Longis, Richard (Dick) Barron, Fred Bartholomew

3rd Row L to R Allan Cockroft, Peter Flood, Richard (Dick) Foster, Dave Currie, Vivian (Bob) Dixon,
Antonio (Tony) Filardi, Ken Beaman, Jim Anderson, Colin Bywaters, Murray Budrey, Brian (Ben) Bolt, Royce Carrigg

2nd Row L to R Darryl Chester, Peter Elzas, Ron Emerson, Gavin Giles, Cpl Barry Smith, Sgt BK Noble, 2nd Lt Morgan, Cpl L Kennedy, Cpl Tony Wass, Greg Aitken, Bert Colliver, Brian Dunlop

Front Row L to R Neville Collins, Lance Dungate, Brian Cull , Ron Dean, Doug Cocker, Arthur John Clarke, Steve Cockram, Stuart J Barnett, Tony Fewings, Eric Fice, John Everett, Lloyd (Tony) Gibson

Sent in by Allan Cockroft 5715228 moc.liamg|tforkcocnalla#moc.liamg|tforkcocnalla

2 RTB B Coy 9 Pl 1st Intake 1967
B Row L To R.
2nd Row L To R.
3rd Row L to R.
B Row. L To R.
Sent In Barry Pearson,<moc.dnopgib|sraepmb#moc.dnopgib|sraepmb>
2 RTB B Coy 9 Pl 1 Sect 1st Intake 1967

B Row L To R.
B Row. L To R.
Sent In Barry Pearson ,<moc.dnopgib|sraepmb#moc.dnopgib|sraepmb>

2 RTB 7 Platoon B Coy 1 Sect 1st Intake 1967.
Back row. L to R. 1st Keith Oliver,
Sent In ~ Keith Oliver. <moc.liamg|8052revilogk#moc.liamg|8052revilogk>
2 RTB A Coy 2 Pl 2nd Intake 1967.
Sent In ~ Hans Milo~ua.moc.knilahpla|olimsnah#ua.moc.knilahpla|olimsnah

Third Intake 12 July 1967
"D" Company 20 Platoon.
2nd Recruit Training Battalion
Puckapunyal Victoria Australia

Back Row: Paul Jackman, Peter Millar, M Newell, M Creamer, P Bailey, T Noble, A Betts, K Washbourne, Colin Jones, Robert Pell, P Ready.

Forth Row: Robert Forster, Don.Lawson, P.J.S.Pressnell, F Wilson, G.Watts. B Stageman, G Williams, David Brett, R Eade, G Holcombe, G Steel.

Third Row: A. Coulson, Ian Scott, F Woodford, D James, Robert Miller, Noel Dealy, John Howse, Max Kanache, M Hevey, I Grigg, P MacMahon, G Bell.

Second Row :D.Gunser, B Thomas, Cprl Goldring, Cprl Crenke, WO Ryley Sgt Plant, Cpl Johnson, Cprl Wahring, P Crotchet, D Pitard.

Front Row: I Tonkin, K.Dalton, L.Knight, Brian Broughton, W Crawford, Brian Davies, B Kilner, M. Kondic.

Sent In ~ Noel Dealy ~moc.dnopgib|145dwn#moc.dnopgib|145dwn

2 RTB C Coy 2 Platoon 2 Intake 4 Sect 1967 Phillip Jones.
Back L-R, Kevin Walsh; Keith Pfeiffer; Peter Close; Geoff Nash; Bill Ward; Bob Kirsch; Phil Johns.
Front L-R, Larry Werecky; Roger Stone; Cpl John Buscumb; Cpl Bill Nicholson; Ray Mathewman; Bob Conner; Phillip Jones.
Send In ~Phillip Jones. ua.ten.dnopgib|86561ojp#ua.ten.dnopgib|86561ojp
2 RTB A Coy 1 Pl 4th Intake 3 Sect 1967.
Sent In ~Charles (Chris) Townsend 3792192.
OTU 1 Intake 67 Class A
Sent In ~ Terry Smith.

OTU 1 Intake 67 Class B.
Sent In ~ Terry Smith
OTU 1 Intake 67 Class C.
Sent In ~ Terry Smith.

OTU 1 Intake 67 Class D.
Sent In ~ Terry Smith

2 RTB D Coy 16 Pl 1967 Photo (Denis Turner)
Sent In ~Norman Heatley
Back Row ~5th from Right Bruce Page, 4th Rod Tormey,Cpl Gill
2RTB D Coy 19 Pl 1st Intake 1967.

Sent In ~[moc.dnopgib|5egapecurb#moc.dnopgib|5egapecurb]
2 RTB A Coy 1 pl 2nd Intake 1967
Sent In ~Tony Lyons

Barracks were home to 16 men per hut, 4 each in 4 cubicles.
Toilet and ablutions blocks were about 200 yards away.
The Mess hall was 400 yards away.
Washing and drying rooms were 200 yards away.

2 RTB A Coy 4 Pl 2 Intake 1967 Pucka.
Bot Row 7th from left.Bevis Leske.
Sent In ~Bevis||ekselhb

Posted TO ~ 127 signal sqaudron

Back Row~L TO R~4th Bill Cooper
2 RTB A Coy 2 Platoon Ist Intake 1967
Sent IN ~Bill Cooper
Back Row L To R ~3rd Bill Cooper.
2 RTB A Coy 2 Platoon 4 Sect Ist Intake 1967
Sent IN ~Bill Cooper
2 RTB A Coy 2 Platoon 3 Intake 1967 Pucka.
Sent In~ David Ian Reimers.~moc.liamtoh|66sremier#moc.liamtoh|66sremier
Bottom row L to R~Rodney Schwartz. 7th David Ian Reimers.13th Peter Sands,

David would like too get in contact with other members off his platoon.
If anyone can help with names too photo could you please sent in.

1 RTB A Coy 3 Platoon 2 Intake Kapooka 1967.
2nd from front outside row ~Owen Ihlein
Sent IN ~Owen Ihlein~moc.dnopgib|nielhio#moc.dnopgib|nielhio
2 RTB 17 Pl D Coy 2 Intake 1967 Pucka.
Stan Coker would like to contact members from his Platoon.

The names that are on the back of the photo are
Charles Ashworth. Peter Clark . Alan Barnes . Dick Brown. .Lindsay Abernethy. .Jim Thurlow. .Robert Cattana. .Brian Black. .Roderick Cousins. .Dennis Callaghan
fifth in the front row 5th ~Stan Coker
Sent In~Stan Coker ~ [moc.dnopgib|ylimafrekoc#moc.dnopgib|ylimafrekoc]
1 RTB B COY 11 PL June 1967 Kapooka.
SENT IN ~Vincent Restuccia~ 2786777[moc.liamg|ccutser#moc.liamg|ccutser]
2 RTB 4 Intake A Coy 4 Platoon 1967 Pucka.All were Tasmanians.
Sent In ~Graham Tongs.
2 RTB 4 Intake A Coy 4 Platoon 3 Sect 1967 Pucka.All were Tasmanians.
Sent In ~Graham Tongs.
2 RTB 4 Intake A Coy 4 Platoon 1967 Pucka.All were Tasmanians.
Sent In ~Graham Tongs.**

Sent In ~Graham Tongs.

2 RTB 2 Intake B Coy 8 Platoon 1967 Pucka.
Sent In~Graham Burgess~3791373
2 RTB 2 Intake B Coy 8 Platoon 1 Sect 1967 Pucka.
Sent In~Graham Burgess~3791373
c/- Morwell RSL, ua.moc.lsrllewrom|seiriuqne#ua.moc.lsrllewrom|seiriuqne
2 RTB 10th Intake Oct. D Coy 1967 Pucka.
Sent In ~John Owen.5715513.~moc.liamtoh|nhojnewo#moc.liamtoh|nhojnewo
Top Row. L To R. 5th.John Owen.
2 RTB A Coy 3 Platoon 2 Intake 1967 Pucka.
2 RTB A Coy 3Pl 3 Sect 2 Intake 1967 Pucka
20 Platoon D Company 2nd Intake 1967 National Service 2RTB Training Centre Puckapunyal

Back Row: Trevor Herbert INF, Arthur Della-Santina RAE, Robert Henderson RAEME, Brian Hill RAASC, William Berry INF, Robert Dewar INF, Richard Brown RAE,
L-R Edward Greay INF, John Bishop SIGS, David Bond INF, Peter Huitson RAASC, Les Francis RAE, Ian Black ART, Tony Argus RAE, Richard Davies SIGS.

3 rd Row Brian Buzzard INF, Frank Alexander INF, Michael Birchenall INF, William Hawkins INF, Garry Butcher RAE, Dennis Clifton RAASC, Graeme Clarke INF,
L-R Peter Byrne SIGS, Bruce Anderton INF, Robert Edwards SVYS, Phil Bristow – Stagg RAEME, Ronald Golding RAOOC, Max Edelman RAASC, Dave Giles ART,
Roy Buirchell RAASC, Colin Jobling RAEME, Alec Cowin RAE, Colin Dutton INF.

2nd Row Peter Coglan INF, David Prior RAE, Garry Hogan INF, Les Cook INF, Trevor Gibson INF, Colin Campbell-Fraser SIGS, Cpl Johnson 2RTB, Cpl Warring 2RTB,
L-R 2nd Lt Stannus 2 RTB. Cpl Minchin 2RTB, Colin Ennis RAACCI, George Braithwaite RAASC, Ross Cairnie INF, Dave Hastings RAE, Phillip Baatz ART,
Barrie Blackburn INF, Thomas Gilchrist RAE.

1st Row Michael Houston RAEME, Geoff Goodwin RAEME. Larry Boag RAE, R.A Bush RAAOC, Murray Brown INF, Mick Bisby RAEME, Robert Howson INF, Richard Brown RAE,
L-R Dave Hamilton INF, Dave Grant INF, John Crofts SIGS, Lindsay Holmes RAASC, Douglas Gell RAAOC.

2 RTB.20 Platoon D Coy 2 Intake 1967 Pucka.
Sent IN~George Braithwaite. ua.moc.sumirpi|etiawhtiarbegroeg#ua.moc.sumirpi|etiawhtiarbegroeg


Names update Supplied by ~Mr Les F Cook.
2 RTB>20 Platoon D Coy 2 Intake 1967 Pucka.
Sent IN~George Braithwaite. ua.moc.sumirpi|etiawhtiarbegroeg#ua.moc.sumirpi|etiawhtiarbegroeg

H Adams. R Spencer. D Nolte. S MacDonald. D Webster. G Coghill. N Douglas. I Lockhart. J Butler. C Nener. B Diss.
R Skinner. D Bennallack. I Rivett. E Jamieson.
2 RTB 10 Platoon B Coy 3 Intake July 1967 Pucka
Sent IN~ Brian Timberlake.[ua.ten.eslupmi|srebmit#ua.ten.eslupmi|srebmit]
Back Row. L-R.M Ingram. P Murdoch. P Egan. B Timberlake. P Furness. H Ind. P Wood. G Johnson. K Stancom
Front Row . L-R.I Rogerson. N Mawson. R Taylor. Cpl. Bird Cpl. Pullen E Seyer. I Hodgskiss. A Pavone. B Norris
2 RTB 10 Platoon B Coy 1 Sect 3 Intake July 1967 Pucka
Sent IN~ Brian Timberlake.[ua.ten.eslupmi|srebmit#ua.ten.eslupmi|srebmit]
L to R Back Row: T Lovett. L Dean. A J McNeil.O Morgan.R Walters.R C Robinson. D Robinson.B Millington.I Little.J E McKenzie.W J Finnemore.G E Nott.A A Jones.
3rd Row.J E Williams. I Palmer.J Lusczynski.M Kalini .D Nicholls.W J Hunter. L Osbond.
P R McHugh.A J Orr.A G McMillan; 2788112,John Paul Richmond.I B Tandy.
2nd Row.F Spalding.C A Roach. B Holland.M Jamieson.R L Morris. G J O'Dwyer.D Tonkin. D W Kelly. A L Oxford. R L Jenkins.T M O'Leary.Pte A W Palmer. E Holmes.
Front Row Seated. M J McDemott. R B McDonnell.J J McNeil.R B Moir. Corporal (Cpl) W J Martin; Cpl C R White; Second Lieutenant (2Lt) J D E Fisher; Cpl M J Williams; Cpl D Jones; Pte M C Mahon; Pte R B Darney; Pte E J Leaney.
1 RTB 10TH Intake October 1967.Kapooka.
Donor J P Richmond

2 RTB C Coy 12 Platoon 2 Intake 1967 Pucka
Sent In~ Doug Arnold [moc.dnopgib|96.gaye#moc.dnopgib|96.gaye]
2 RTB 2 Intake 13 Platoon C Coy 1967
Sent In ~Bob Tindall~
2 RTB C Coy 2 Sect 1967
Sent In ~Bob Tindall
2 RTB A Coy 4 Platoon 4 Intake 1967 Pucka
2 RTB 10th Intake 7 Platoon B Coy 1967
Sent In Bruce Pit~ua.moc.evil|ahtagnoelecurb#ua.moc.evil|ahtagnoelecurb
2 Section B Coy 7 Platoon 10 Intake 1967 Pucka
Sent In Bruce Pit~[ua.moc.evil|ttipecurb#ua.moc.evil|ttipecurb]
Back row L - R .Gavin Duncan, Ray Howard,Ken Watson,Ken Goff, Bruce Pitt,Peter Brassington,Mick O`Meara, Anthony Callope,Max Gardina, Ken Williams.
F Row L To R Anthony Vella,Gary Stewart,Ron Groupner, Corporal Bird, Peter Crawford, Graham Connor <DOBE>
3 PlA C0Y 2RTB 3 INTAKE 1967 PUCKA Geoff Parker Back Row 4th from the right
SENT IN Geoff Parker
2 RTB A Coy 4 Platoon Pucka 1967
Back Row.L to R~ R Harris. I Howell. M Roberts. D Tilyard. M Tabor. D Marston. J Mallet. C. Nation. H Ebberlar. J Kranenburg. R Jones. P Green. D Atkins. P Hughes.
2nd Row. L To R~R. Way, R. Moore, J. Geale, J. Hayes, R. Sargison, D. Tucker, B. Hickey, K. Roberts, W. Betts, A. Roberts-Thomson, I. Richardson, J. Hookway, P. Boatwright, B. Lodge, S. Barratt.
2nd Front Row: D. Stephens, B. Langridge, F. Richards, M. McKillop, J. Shekelton, A. Banks, Cpls. Diss, W. Weiss, Sgt. Duffy, Cpl Lundie, D. Page, K. McIvor, B. McCormick, R. Saunders. J. Cassidy
Front Row: G. Tongs, R. Spurr, A. Pearce, C. Wells, C. West, E. Raynor, L. Mondon, L. Smith, R. Stuber, T. Ralph, K. Kuys.
2RTB 3RD Intake 2 Platoon A Coy 1 Sect 1967 Pucka
Photo from Barry Magor for Jim Griffiths
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