1966 Nashos Photos 1 RTB Kapooka .2 RTBPuckapunyal

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Michael Vassallo ~~ua.ten.dnopgib|60090avm#ua.ten.dnopgib|60090avm


IF you know any of the men in the group photos email to me and will update ua.ten.dnopgib|60090avm#ua.ten.dnopgib|60090avm ~Michael


Barracks were home to 16 men per hut, 4 each in 4 cubicles.
Toilet and ablutions blocks were about 200 yards away.
The Mess hall was 400 yards away.
Washing and drying rooms were 200 yards away.

2 RTB B Coy 7PL 4th Intake 1 Sect 1966.
Sent in ~ Paul Carroll.
North Head LAA Squad Nov 1966.
Sent IN ~ Paul Carroll.


1RTB C Coy 15 Pl 1966 Kapooka.

l -r. Cpl Stone ,2Lt J Nicholson, Cpl Ward

Sent In ~John Nicholson. <moc.dnopgib|raocrac.noslohcin#moc.dnopgib|raocrac.noslohcin>

NATIONAL SERVICE INTAKE - 4, 28 September 1966 - 7 December 1966
12 - PLATOON, C - COY. 2-RTB, 2-SEC.
Back Row: Adrian Werner, Ross Gibbons, Ian Weeks, Jeff Ross, John Beevis, Lionel Hearn, Spencer Groves.
Front Row: Graham Harrington, Trevor Morris, Bert Blink, CPL. R. Constable, Barry Ladrove, Ross Jones, Harry Ward, Ray Day.
Sent In ~ .~~Ross Jones <moc.oohay|pwjwr#moc.oohay|pwjwr>
2RTB D Coy 1 PL 1st Intake 1966.
Sent in~ John Schwarz.~ <moc.dnopgib|8936onhoj#moc.dnopgib|8936onhoj>
My name is Keith Morris, I was a ‘Nasho’ in the fourth intake at 3TB Singleton, NSW
in April 1966. This photo was on the front page of The Singleton ‘Argus’ taken on our
march out day. Our Sergeant was Phil Toohey. The Corporals names escape me although
I think there was a Lance Corporal Loxton . I am in the middle of the middle row with
face visible.
We all received a 10 x 8 copy of it next day.
There was Colonel Ellis on the podium along with Mr.Bury, Minister of Defence
at the time.
The Lieutenant out front was Kerry Rinkin, tragically killed in Vietnam. He came from
Taree, NSW. He was a National Serviceman and a great Officer.
3 TB C Coy 3 Pl 4th Intake 1966.
Sent In ~ Keith Morris.

2RTB D Coy 18 PL March out 1966 Pucka
Sent Geoff Venables

2 RTB D Coy 18 Pl Hut 33 1966
Almost all were from Western Australia
Top of the steps…
L-R … Stein, Terry Wall, Thompson, Vaughan, a Victorian ,Graeme Pitman, Geoff Venables, Chris Wark, Butler, Treasure, Terry Walsh, Cavill, Geoff Turnbull, Anderson, Bob Warren, Turner.
Sent In ~Geoff Venables

Signals December 1968 after completing an Operator Keyboard and Radio Course, (OKR).

Sent IN ~ Sgt John Barry.

2 RTB A Coy 5 Pl 1 Intake 1966 Pucka.
Bot ROW L TO R~4th lcpl Crofts,5th Sgt Tom Craig,6th WO1 Belcher,7th Sgt John Barry.
Front row, 4th from left, Vic Letwinski. (Viet/Vet CPL)

Sent IN ~ Sgt John Barry.

2 RTB A Coy 5 Platoon 2 Intake 1966 Pucka
Sent IN ~ Sgt John Barry.
2 RTB A Coy 5 PL 3 Intake 1966 Pucka.
Sent IN ~ Sgt John Barry.
2 RTB A Coy 5 Pl 4 Intake 1966 Pucka.
Sent in ~ Sgt John Barry.

2 RTB B Coy 6 Platoon Sect 4 4 Intake 1966 Pucka.
B Row L to R ~7th ~ (deceased) Eric Docherty(South Vietnam 67/68)
Sent IN ~Brendan Quirk (son in law of his widow Dianne Docherty)

2 RTB 4 Intake B Coy 6 Platoon 1966 Pucka.
L to R:
Top row:C Davis, D Stewart, Brian McKinley, S Richardson, G Blake, K McFarlane, Mick Krause, Terry Walls, D Hayman, I Watson, Laughlin, Murphy, F Sutton, R Towers, Barry Clugston, Ron Aumann & J Ebery.
2nd Row.G Moody, Jim Sonego, J Eyers, D O'Connor, M Christie, R Redman, K Reyne, W Naismith, T McCann, Daryl Anderson, G Hallam, B Pelchen, Pollock, Thomas, Turnbull, Herman Harberts, D Hamilton and M Harding.
Bot Row.Spragge, Perris, B Jane, N Harker, Allander, LCpl Goldring, 2Lt Purcell, Sgt Arnold, Cpl Mann, O'Neill, Docherty, Adams, P Penno, I Stanbury, Peter Oddie and J Borley.
Sent IN ~Herman Harberts~3789873~ [moc.liamg|rebrahgh#moc.liamg|rebrahgh]
2 RTB.9 Platoon.B Coy.4 Intake.1966.Pucka.
2 RTB.9 Platoon.B Coy.4 Intake.2 Sect.1966.Pucka.
Sent IN~ Photos From Mrs Olga greig for the late Don Campbell the nco in photos.
2 RTB 9 Platoon B Coy 2 Intake Pucka 1966.
2 RTB.9 Platoon.B Coy.2 Sect.2 Intake Pucka 1966.
Sent IN~ Photos From Mrs Olga greig for the late Don Campbell the nco in photos.
2 RTB 9 PL B COY 1 Sect 4 Intake 1966 Pucka.
Sent IN~ Photos From mrs olga greig for the late Don Campbell the nco in photos.
2 RTB 9 PL B COY 3 Intake 1966 Pucka.
2 RTB 9 PL B COY 1 Sect 3 Intake 1966 Pucka.
Sent IN~All photos From mrs olga greig for the late Don Campbell the nco in photos.
2RTB 24 Platoon Pucka 1966
2 RTB 4 Intake 14 Platoon C Coy 1966.
Sent In~"Ken Mutton" <ua.ten.dnopgib|laekaj#ua.ten.dnopgib|laekaj>
2 RTB 4 Intake 14 Platoon C Coy 3 Sect 1966
Sent In~"Ken Mutton" <ua.ten.dnopgib|laekaj#ua.ten.dnopgib|laekaj>
` 1st Intake 1966 ARA Clerk GB Course.
David is third from left in back row.
Sent In~Pamela Sandoe [ua.moc.tensutpo|eodnas#ua.moc.tensutpo|eodnas]
Hut Mates
Sent In~John Gooding~ua.moc.evil|gnidoognhoj#ua.moc.evil|gnidoognhoj
2 RTB 10 Platoon B Coy 2 Intake 1966 Pucka.
Top Row~L TO R~ John Gray,Wes Hall, Hewitt, Stiles, Mal Davies, Ivo Davies, Dave Boxer, Pierson, James, Wayne Cattach, Roger Sharp. -
2nd Row L TO R~Jim Taylor, Graham Wells, "Poof" Phillips, Phil Barnes, "Jerky" Wilson, Finney, Peter Marshall, Terry Moriarity, "Little" John McIntyre, Steve Foster, Sellwood, "Miss" A. Carr, "Limpy lousy" Lowry, "Hammer" Hammersly, Alan Parker.
2rd Row L TO R~Goldy" Goldsbury, "Brownie" Brown, Kevin Armour, Harland, "Crowie" Crough, Farrington, Phil Austin, Prizrenac, "Know all" Cox, Jimmy McInerney, "Crash" Craddock, Bruce Webber, Jim Robertson, Wayne "Jungle" Jones, John "Canungra" Allen.
Seated L tO R~Kevin Shinners, Mick Smith, "Duh" Couper, John Evans, Bdr "Bombo" Bucknell, Cpl "Mr Ed" Edminston, 2Lt "Cuthbert" Haabejoern, Cpl "Mick" Baxter, Cpl "Dickie" Lee, Cioli, Alan Hortin, Doug Gilmour, "Mad medic" Grant, Gary "Paddy" Delaney.
Bottom Row L TO R~Cottrel, Ian "Loo loo" Lewis, M.M. Lewis, John "Bolts" Bolton, Clarke, Errol "Sutha" Sutherland, Keith Craven, Celms, Pexton, "Demmo" Dempster.
Sent In~John Gray.[ua.moc.tensutpo|086yeleslow#ua.moc.tensutpo|086yeleslow]
2 RTB 2nd Intake 10 Platoon 2 Sect 1966 Pucka
Starting from top LHS.
3788969 Ian Lewis.East Melbourne Armoured
3788388 Errol Sutherland Blackburn Service
3788363 Wayne Cattach Surrey Hills Service
3788836 Jim Taylor Little River Catering
3788935 John Gray Oak Park Infantry
Roger Sharp Nathalia Provost
3788454 Wes Hall Noble Park Catering
Mal Davis Glenelg Nth
Front row
3788532 Graham Wells Maidstone Armoured
3788925 Peter Marshall Box Hill Sth Band
3788403 Mick Smith Yarraville Service
3788458 Phil Barnes Springvale Nth Artillery
Bdr Bucknell
3788928 Jim McInerney Oakleigh Ordnance
3788800 Keith Craven Beaumaris Infantry
4718122 Gary Delaney Rosewater Artillery
3788575 John Bolton Elwood Armoured
Sent In~John Gray.ua.moc.tensutpo|086yeleslow#ua.moc.tensutpo|086yeleslow]


Joe Debrincat 3787654 Pucka 29 September 1969 discharged 28 Selp.1967 moc.dnopgib|qiw#moc.dnopgib|qiw Lives NSW EX 22nd constuction Sqdn.
TOP ROW L to R~…, …, …, …, …, …, 7th Clark,…, …,10th Prout, …, …, …, 14th Otway, 15th Robinson, …, …, 18th Hutchinson.
MIDDLE ROW L to R ~ …, …, …, …, …, …, …,8th Esselmont 9th parks 10th smith.
Bot Row L to R ~ …, …,3rd Danielli 4th tourney 5th Odwyer 6th Joe Debrincat, …, 8th Cpl west, …,10th Sargent best 11th Cpl Nolan, …, …, …, …, 16th Taggert.


8Pl~B Coy~1RTB~1966~Kapooka~Donor~S Field
left to right, back row: Recruit (Rec) N J Grimshaw; Rec B W Yeatman; Rec P T Glasgow; Rec J S Uphill; Rec D C Taylor; Rec R J Kramer; Rec P K Williams; Rec B J Kurtz; Rec R Williamson; Rec B A Geddes; Rec J M Victory; Rec A B Baxter.
Third row: Rec L N Waters; Rec F J Hanns; Rec G W Walker; Rec R L Wheatley; Rec J L Baldwin; Recd L A Trengrove; Rec G P Wood; Rec A C Rogers; Rec L A J Gordon; Rec C R Fidock; Rec K F B Smith.
Second row: Rec A T Smallwood; Rec R J Speed; Rec R K Young; Rec D L Jones; Rec G S Bourke; Rec R N Lea; Rec L A Kerney; Rec R F Stewart; Rec D IK White; Rec K D Walters; Rec E Kakasadeles; Rec A Gutmanis.
Front row: Rec N J Mullholland; Rec J A White; Rec R J Fagan; Rec Robert William Curtin; Rec G A Carter; Sergeant D H Lord; Corporal A L Egan; Rec K L Kelly; Rec R D Lemmick; Rec C Templeton; Rec T J Sil

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