Intake Nashos 1965~1RTB.2RTB.3TB.
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IF you know any of the men in the group photos email to me and will update ~Michael~ua.ten.dnopgib|60090avm#ua.ten.dnopgib|60090avm

Barracks were home to 16 men per hut, 4 each in 4 cubicles.
Toilet and ablutions blocks were about 200 yards away.
The Mess hall was 400 yards away.
Washing and drying rooms were 200 yards away
2 RTB Officers 1965.
Sent In ~David Adams.
2 RTB B Coy 10 Pl 1965 .
Sent IN ~ John Ettridge.

1 Intake Battallion March out parade Sept 1965 Pucka.

It included 5 companies and E company had seven platoons but only 25 platoons could fit on the parade ground.
The VIP (bottom Right) is the Hon. Dr. Forbes, Minister of the Army is the reviewing officer.
The parade took place during September 1965.
Because of 5 companies we had to use two parade grounds.
E company was only for two intakes as 3TB was established in 1966 and the other NS men went.
As from 1966 onwards 2RTB only had 4 companies and we used only one parade ground and then faced toward the batallion headquarters.
Sent IN ~ Sgt John Barry.

2 RTB 14 Platoon C Coy Pucka 1965.
Sent In ~ Dr Paul R. Weaver
Palmyra. WA. 6157.

2 RTB C Coy 15 Platoon 1st Intake 1965 Pucka
Sent IN ~Des Macdonald 4717394.
2 RTB C Coy 13 Platoon 1st Intake July 1965 Pucka.
2nd Row.L to R.2nd Rod Besier.~ Other names I can recall that are in the photo are Tim Ainsworth of Victoria & Marian Tomas of Western Australia.
Lt "Skull" Altham RA Sigs,Sgt Brian Huston RA Sigs,
Sent In~Roderick (Rod) Besier~2781436.~ moc.dnopgib|reiseb.r#moc.dnopgib|reiseb.r
ex Gunner 1st Field Regt. RAA SVN 1966/67
2 RTB 1st Intake June 1965 Pucka Rifle Range.
Sent In~Rod Cordery~ua.moc.gpt|dorliag#ua.moc.gpt|dorliag
2 RTB 1 Intake Pucka June 1965.
Group of nashos enjoying a beer (or two) at the wet canteen".
2nd from left is John or "veggie" was his nickname.
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2 RTB 1 Intake Pucka June 1965.
L To R. Rod Cordery.?. Ray Carberry.
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2RTB 6 Platoon B Coy 2 Intake 1965 Pucka.
Sent IN~All photos from the late Don Campbell the nco in photos.
2RTB 6 Platoon B Coy 2 Intake.2 Sect.1965 Pucka.
Sent IN~All photos from the late Don Campbell the nco in photos.
2 RTb 1 Intake C Coy 13 Pl June/July 1965
Sent In~Stephen Sheen
2 RTB 1 st Intake 1965 Barry Bannerman
Barry was allocated to RAA and served in Vietnam with the 1st Fd Rgt as a temp Bombardier.
Sent In~Stephen Sheen
School of Military Engineering, Casula, around October 1965, Sapper Dave Offszanka working on the boots. Dave was posted to 22 Const Sqn RAE and served in Borneo with the squadron, 1966, during Confrontation.
Sent In~Stephen Sheen
Passing out Parade Kapooka 1965
**Poppies are in rememberence of 'Shorty' Peter John Arnold
2781363 assigned to 6 RAR poppies are in the 2 photos in front of Shorty who lost his life in Vietnam on the 17th Febuary
front row: Wayne Brooking and Ross Charlton.
We’ve also learnt that the Platoon Sgt. Alan Singh passed away.RIP.

Sent In~David Sandoe ua.gro.afcp|eodnas.divad#ua.gro.afcp|eodnas.divad or moc.liamg||

Menbers from 4th Intake 18 Platoon 1965~ Kapooka
Back Row L/R~Wal-Neil-John-Bob-Kevin-?-Jim-John-Noel-David Sandoe.Platoon Sgt.was Alan Singh.
Front Row L/R~Wayne-Colin Backhouse—Colin-Ross
Sent In~David Sandoe ua.gro.afcp|eodnas.divad#ua.gro.afcp|eodnas.divad or moc.liamg||
2 RTB 15 Platoon C Coy 1st Intake June 1965 Pucka
Sent in Laurie Nelms
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