Intake Nasho Photos 1958

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20 NSTB 2nd Intake B Coy 9 Platoon 1958.
Sent Doug Martin.
18 NSTB 2 Platoon 1st Intake 1958.
20 NSTB D Coy 16 Platoon 1958 Pucka
Sent In ~ Bill Fogarty.

20 NSTB 17 May Intake 1958 Pucka.
2nd Row: L to R~1st Brendan Walker.
Sent IN~David Walker~moc.dnopgib|jdsklaw#moc.dnopgib|jdsklaw

Top ROW~L to R 5th Errol Chadwick
2nd Row
3rd Row ~L to R ~1st John Fawkes('Gunner Prongs) 2 Peter Erwin,4 Barry Cole,9 Peter O'rielly.
Bot Row ~L tO R~ 5th ~Reginald Pascoe.
20NSTB ACoy 3 Pl Artillery 1958
Sent IN ~ moc.dnopgib|8691fhb#moc.dnopgib|8691fhb

3rd Row Lto R ~2nd ED Rohan.6th George Savolla.4 ROW L to R 2nd Keith Thomas, Sargent Jones,Cpl Andy
Captain Weaver CO
20 NSTB C Coy 1958.
Sent In ED Rohan
Sent IN ~Ian Stafford 1958 ~Pucka
2 Platoon A Coy 1 ST Intake 1958 Pucka.
2nd Row from front 4th from left Barry Pope

Sent IN~Barry Pope~moc.dnopgib|93epopyrrab#moc.dnopgib|93epopyrrab
Back Row
R J Ridler G R Smith R O'Flaherty N Woods A Scully David Zanker L Tachell J Shears Tom Smith P E Rogers B D Seary ( Deceased )
Third Row
Gino Roiter XXXX Barry Traynor E E Wilde Jim Saul W J Shaw G D Poulett G Porter K H Roberts Ray Smith George R Robinson
( Rudolph )
Second Row
R Turner L H Norton Brian Watt G Thomas M Taylor( Squizzy ) K Turner G C Weir F Stewart E Wallace XXXX Cliffe Obrien Peter Ross ( Melb )
Front Row
B Thomoson A L Sinclair XXXX C Samuel J S Smith XXXX Colin Sanderson ( Deceased ) N W Neilson J Smith B Shaw (Nth Carlton)
R Scheild Ian Stewart K Sinclair Gordon Paulett Sgt Jack Lind Leiut A A Scott XXXX Tex Strain (Highett )Adrain Uytdehaag ( Deceased )

20 NSTB E Coy 22 Pl 2nd Intake 1958 Pucka.
Sent In ~Ern Wilde. ua.moc.dnabdaorbeissua|edliwe.c#ua.moc.dnabdaorbeissua|edliwe.c .

13_NSTB_A_Coy_2_Pl_2_Intake_Ingleburn_1958.jpgTOP Row. L To R.4th Kevin Hedley.16th Vic Terlecki.
13 NSTB A Coy 2 Pl 2 intake 1958.Bardia Barracks Ingleburn NSW.
Sent In~Kevin Hedley.
Middle Row.2nd from the right.Kevin Hedley.
Front Row.L TO R. 2nd Vic Terlecki.3rd Bill Louis.

Sgt J Went (PTI).M Kenny.K Mathison.Ken Watson.?.
E Goswell.R Henna ?.?.D Wandforth.?.W T Mears.Bill Louis. R Osborne.
S Goldstein ?.Diggenham. ?.K Vella."Spud" Bolton.Victor Terlecky.
B T Fitzpatrick.A Waldock (Probably not in photo).D Booth.P A Richardson.
Doug Elliott.Bob Green.F W Sharpe
Physical Education group
Sent In~Kevin Hedley.

Wedding Guard of Honour 1958 by 3 L of C signal Regiment Sergeants
Braden, Rooney, King, Dwan, Pearson, Miles, Hedger, Ian Hyde, Alan Stack, Scheering, Crosswaite
Sent In Ian Hyde~[ua.moc.tensutpo|edyhnai#ua.moc.tensutpo|edyhnai]
Brian Watson .Bluey Wrigglesworth .Barry Murley .Tony Tanti.
K. Coverdale Also Bryan fairman was on kitchen duties the day this photo was taken.
Bryan Fairman [moc.dnopgib|tap_nayrb#moc.dnopgib|tap_nayrb]
Names Sent in ~Bryan fairman
20 NSTB A Coy Puckapunyal ~ Artillery.
2nd intake~13 May 1958~ Bardia Barracks, Ingleburn.
Sent in Barry Perigo~moc.dnopgib|ogirep#moc.dnopgib|ogirep
Linesman_Traing_3.jpg size=""small]]
Comfort Break Linesman Training
2 Platoon Training SGT
Bardia Barracks Ingleburn.Bardia Barracks
Training at Bardia Barracks Ingleburn
Sent in~Ken Robbins.
20 -NS-TRG-BN 24/3/1958
Sent in~Ken Robbins.[ua.ten.dnopgib|nibborck#ua.ten.dnopgib|nibborck]
Bardia Barracks Inglebur.
1st Intake 1958~13NS~TRG~BN~C Coy~14 PL**
2nd Row L To R~6th John Dowle.
Front Row L To R~2nd Barry Giltrop

Sent in~John Dowle moc.liamtoh|83lissof_gniylf#moc.liamtoh|83lissof_gniylf Yuruga
45th ~Infantry~Batt~Arncliffe~
Photo was at Singleton Camp two weeks Training April 1959

Back Row L To R ~1st Boofeer,2nd Barry Giltrop,5th W.O.L.E.Gow.
Front Row L TO L~3rd John Dowle, 6th Peter Obery.

Sent in~John Dowle moc.liamtoh|83lissof_gniylf#moc.liamtoh|83lissof_gniylf Yuruga
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