Intake Nashos Photos 1956 A

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Michael Vassallo ~~ua.ten.dnopgib|60090avm#ua.ten.dnopgib|60090avm

Colin James Doherty, Registration Number: N91760. Serial Number: 2750772. Date of enlistment: 04/01/1956. Date of discharge: 11/06/1958.
WO Bains, centre of front row, Keith Davies 6th from the right front row and Peter French end of front row on the right and myself 1st in second row on the left and Jim Wells 9th from the left third row.
First intake 1/56: 19 NS TRG BN 18Pl D Coy. Holdsworthy New South Wales.
Sent IN ~Colin James Doherty.

Peter Charles McCarthy (3rd back row, 3rd from left)
11 NSTB E Coy 19 Platoon 3rd Intake 1956.
Sent in ~ Kristin

18 NSTB A Coy 1 Platoon 1st Intake 1956.
Sent IN ~ Norman Heatley
11NSTB E Coy 24 Platoon 1st Intake 1956.
Sent In ~ Steve How Lum.
13 NS Intake Amberley 1956.
Sent In ~Cindy Hall.
front row 5th from left Peter O'Connor.
14NSTB 19 Section 10 Troop 1956 Pucka.
Sent In ~ Peter O'Connor.
18 NSTB B Coy 6 Platoon 1st Intake 1956.
Sent In~ Norman Heatley ~[moc.liamg|yeltaeh.namron#moc.liamg|yeltaeh.namron]
18 NSTB A Coy 1 Platoon 2nd Intake 1956.
Sent IN ~Norman Heatley [moc.liamg|yeltaeh.namron#moc.liamg|yeltaeh.namron]
bottom row last on right is Malcolm Ferguson.
back row, seven in from the right.Stan Jordan
25th Jan Woodside 1956.
Sent in ~ Stan Jordan~ua.moc.nraelni|nats#ua.moc.nraelni|nats
18 NSTB B Coy 7 Pl 2nd Intake 1956.
Sent In ~ Nicola Burrill.
12 NSTB E Coy 24 Platoon 2nd Intake 1956.
Sent in ~ Alan Campbell.~~Alan <moc.dnopgib|4sumerelcnu#moc.dnopgib|4sumerelcnu>
Naval Group Coders 1956.
The 4 guys along the front were: Curtain, Bill Fraser, Bruce Cook & ? ( he knew about Elvish ahead of all of us)

Other guys were Ray Treasure, I am second from right, Ray is on my right behind me, and to his rightt is
Derek Williams.

We were from all States of Australia. We went from Sydney to Fiji, then to Brisbane back to Sydney, on
HMAS Sydney ( Aircraft Carrier).
Later we came from Sydney to Melbourne ( again on HMAS Sydney), to spend time for Olympic Games.

Sent In ~ Bruce Cook.~~Bruce Cook <moc.em|4koocecurb#moc.em|4koocecurb>


HMAS Sydney — Suva 1956 NS In take 'EMs' June -Dec.
Names starting from the LHS Leading Seaman Norm Doulay [our 'Boss'] Jeff Markham, Ian McClaren?, Gordon Kennedy, Keith Holness, Alan Denham, Ken Cort, Bill Dalgleish, Len Dibben, Bob Magee, G. Lenihan, Neil Cameron, David Gough, G.Crossley, Ian Macrae, Bob Guille, J.Smith. John Reibelt.
Sent In ~Neville Parker.

14 NSTB 2 Intake 1956
Sent in Daryl Chapman.
B Coy 3rd Intake 1956 Wacol
Send In Joe Willians ~ ua.ten.tenii|ssabeoj#ua.ten.tenii|ssabeoj

Front Row 2nd from right Ken Wood

3rd Row 4th from left:- George Williams 6th from left A.R.K.Williams

Back Row far right Barry Warsnop.
13 NSTB D Coy 16 PL 3rd Intake 1956
Sent In Ken Wood.

15 NSTB 1956.
3rd row far right John Scott on his right is Bill Whittle.
front row 2nd from left Ron Ball.
Sent IN~Kevin Scott
16 NSTB 18 Platoon 1st Intake 1956.
second to top row, third from the left. Herbert Lloyd.
Sent in~Cathy Grigonis.
19 NSTB d Coy 16 Pl 1st Intake 1956
A CPL Bob Harper,B Sgt New, C CPL Merv Burrell, Absent CPL Bob Foster.

Sent In Max Berger. <ua.moc.sumirpi|max#ua.moc.sumirpi|max>
Nasho Intake 1/56 16 Platoon D Company 19 Battalion.
Hut 10-Names on back of group photo.
Max Berger, Raymond F Bellenger, G Dinnerville, Terry Atkinson, Frederick R Barclay, A C Newcombe,
Lionel Fitzpatrick, C J Mifsud, Neville J Gray, H Read, D Lomax, B Barrack, Norman Boyd, John Page.
Sent In Max Berger. <ua.moc.sumirpi|max#ua.moc.sumirpi|max>
Top Row L To R.
Aitken, Dunning, Newman, Taylor, Saville, M’Davitt,Sheppard, Sneddon, Allan.
2nd Row.
Wells, Noonan, Vatri, M’Robb, Smith, Howard, True,Hay, Gillespie, Amiss,Barren,
3rd Row.
Walsh,Weeks,Wilson, Excell, Milligan, Dow, M’Goway, Barker, Gray, Steet, Andrew
Bot Row.
Evans, Stevens, Morton, Saligari, CPL Whittonelt, Sinclair, SGT Hardingam, CPL Struway, Sharp, Sutherlamd, George, Ingram.
17 NSTB 3 Pl A Coy 23rd Intake 1956.
Sent in [ua.moc.tensutpo|15camob#ua.moc.tensutpo|15camob]Bob McGuire
No 5 NSTU RAAF Laverton 195617 Intake No 2 Squadron1956.
Photo taken by ~~Charles Weston (nx 16101 WW11) Mystic Studios Noble Park)**
Sent In ~Kayela Lamba.

N0 5 NSTU RAAF Laverton Victoria 13th Intake N0 2 Flight .
Photo taken by ~~Charles Weston (nx 16101 WW11) Mystic Studios Noble Park)

Sent In ~Kayela Lamba.**


No 5 NSTU RAAF Laverton Vic 1956 B Flight 17 th Intake No 1 Squadron
Photo taken by ~~Charles Weston (nx 16101 WW11) Mystic Studios Noble Park)

Sent In ~Kayela Lamba.


2nd Row L to R 1st~Patrick William Shea.
19 NSTB B Coy 7 Pl 3rd Intake 1956.
Sent in ~Alana Shea

No 6 Flight 16 Intake 1956.

Rear. Beazley. Bart. Abbott. Vandervord..Higgins.Spink. Goodall. Cheetham. Bailey. Addicott. Robson. Mitchell.

Cre.Gray. Chapman. Holder. Harkus. Kerr. Anderson. Jensen. Picot. Dawson. Hunter. Blunt.

FrontFallon. Kannegiesser. Woods. Clarke. Hezelhurst. Barton. Ross. Jones. Eady. Smith. Miller.

Seated Thatcher. Keygan.

Submitted by Ian Spink A15283.
Ian Spink ~[moc.dnopgib|knipsig#moc.dnopgib|knipsig]

12 NSTB D Coy 19 PL 1st Intake 1956
Sent In ~Bill Casey ~[moc.dnopgib|ckllib#moc.dnopgib|ckllib]
12 NSTB D Coy 19 PL 1st Intake Hut 21 1956
Sent In ~Bill Casey ~[moc.dnopgib|ckllib#moc.dnopgib|ckllib]
Course 12 1956
HMAS Cerberus 1956
18 NSTB A Coy 1 PL 1st Intake 1956.
Sent IN ~Norman Heatley [moc.liamg|yeltaeh.namron#moc.liamg|yeltaeh.namron]
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