Intake Nasho Photos 1955 A

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Row far left Ben Cantwell,still back row second from right John Clancy.
Bottom row far right his surname is Force, do not know if it is Bob or Bill, he had a twin brother who was in a different squad. third from right Bob Bray.far left Don Brown and next to him is Don Chisholm.
Cerberus 1955 SN23
Sent In~ Bill Davies <moc.dnopgib|1daul#moc.dnopgib|1daul>
14th Intake C Flight Pt Cook 1955.
Sent In Kevin Egan.
This was published in the Age, because Charlie Sutton was Captain of the Footscray Football team in 1955, he was carting gravel with his truck to the Point Cook Air Field.
Members of this intake volunteered to have their photos taken with him.

Regards Beverley on behalf of Gerald Bell

15th National Service Battalion
C Company
Echo Platoon (Badia and Buna Marquees)
4th Row: R.Frederico; P C Martin; R M Johnstone; T G Marrie; N Geraty; G Klvac; S McInnes; I McMillan; F Skinner; ? ? ? ?
3rd Row: McCann; P B Malcolm; ? ? ? ? P Orr; D Podbury; J Turner; P Froelich; W Robinson; P McNeil; ?
2nd Row: R Little; S Noonan; A Kirsner; ? W Jordan; ? D Hannan; ? D Murphy; ? I McPherson; J Lee; P Bowen-Paine; S Proud.?
Front Row: ? ? ? ? P Patrikos: ? B James W/O ? J McNally; A Lopes; ? G Shaw; ? Fitzpatrick
Sent IN ~Tim Marrie <moc.liamtoh|rydywgmit#moc.liamtoh|rydywgmit>
Front Row : Cfn. Gerzina . A ; Cfn. Murray . J ; Cfn. Walter . W ; Cfn . Alderslade. A ; Cfn. Bateman. W ; Cfn. Brealey. F ; Cfn. Robinson. R ; Sgt.Porter ; Cpl Hemmett. ;
Cfn. Welkes. R ;Cfn. Edwards. E ; Cfn. Verrier. R ; Cfn. Barth. J ; Cfn. Pampellini. J ; Cfn. Branch. K ;

Second Row : Cpl. McQuoid. K ; Cfn. Maxey. D ; Cfn. Rickett. H ; Cfn. Middleton. D ; Cfn. Atkins. G ; Cfn. Hopkins. C ; Cfn. Meechem. C ; Cfn. Cooper. K ; Cfn. Iannello. R ; Cfn Kemp. D ; Cfn. Sharp. W ; Cfn. Groth.J ; Cfn. Ginbey. D ; Cfn. Douglas. M ; Cfn. Ryan. A ; Cfn. Raeffaelle. F ; Cpl. Mercer. J ;

Third Row : Cfn. Smith. B ; Cfn. Horton. R ; Cfn. Gooch. G ; Cfn. Job. L ; Cfn. Bates. C ; Cfn. Logan. R Cfn. Gauci.E

Back Row : Cfn. Hegney. J ; Cfn. Hutchinson. ; Cfn. Hyde. D ; Cfn. Gilby. G ; Cfn. Quinn. R ; Cfn. Tester. C .
B Coy 9 Pl 1st Intake 1955
Sent In ~Robert iannello

19 NSTB C Coy 12 Platoon 2nd Intake 1955.
14 NSTB B Coy 2 Platoon 1st Intake 1955.
Sent In ~ G Willians.
18 NSTB A Coy 4 Pl 3 Intake 1955.
Sent In ~ Norman Heatley for~ (ATHOL MCDERMONT)
NO 5 14 Intake 4 Flight No 1 Squadron Laverton Vic 1955
Sent In ~Graham Martins ~[moc.dnopgib|snitram.g#moc.dnopgib|snitram.g]

Charles Weston ("Mystic Studios" Noble Park.)

No 5 NSTU RAAF Laverton Victoria 13 th Intake NO 2 Flight 1955
Sent IN~Bill Harrison
Charles Weston ("Mystic Studios" Noble Park.)
No 5 NSTU RAAF Laverton VIC 13th Intake NO 3 Flight 1955
Sent In ~Hugh Wallace Mitchell [moc.dnopgib|m-wh#moc.dnopgib|m-wh]

Charles Weston ("Mystic Studios" Noble Park.)
14 NSTB 2 Intake 1955 Pucka.26.4.1955/1.8.1955.
Front Row L To R ~9th Donald Fraser ,
Sent In ~Donald Fraser 3723454
15 NSTB B Coy 8 Platoon 2nd Intake 1955 Pucka.
Sent IN~Bill Higgins [moc.liamg|sca.ces.mumixam#moc.liamg|sca.ces.mumixam]
20 NSTB C coy 10 Platoon 20 April Intake 1955 Pucka.
L to R~3rd row, 8th James Oliver.
L To R~4th row~Cpl Scully. Sgt Sutton. Capt Farnham. Cpl Marvell.
Sent IN~James Oliver ~3/772902.[moc.dnopgib|ikkirij#moc.dnopgib|ikkirij]
Front Row~L To R ~8th Cpl Marvell.11th James Oliver.
20 NSTB C coy 10 Platoon 20 April Intake 1955 Pucka.

Sent IN~James Oliver ~3/772902.[moc.dnopgib|ikkirij#moc.dnopgib|ikkirij]

20 NSTB C coy 10 Platoon 20 April Intake 1955 Pucka.
L to R: M Graham. R.Liversidge (dec) Jim Oliver. B Smith.
In front kneeling: ? Not sure. P Farquar (dec)

Sent IN~James Oliver ~3/772902.[moc.dnopgib|ikkirij#moc.dnopgib|ikkirij]

9 Platoon B Coy 3 Intake 1955 Campbell Barracks WA.
Sent In~ex Cfn Peter Ogborne
Last Day Dowsing Point 1955.
Sent In~Norman Heatley [moc.liamg|yeltaeh.namron#moc.liamg|yeltaeh.namron]
18 NSTB B Coy 8 Pl 1st Intake 1955.
Sent In~Norman Heatley [moc.liamg|yeltaeh.namron#moc.liamg|yeltaeh.namron]

No 2 NST Wing Rathmines 4 FLT 12 Intake 1955
Back Row

From L to R.~ J Smith. D Harwin. J Daley. – Parker. R See. K Brown. M Kirkbride.
J Keirle. B Alcock.G Davies.E Firminger

2nd Row~Sargent Stanborour.J Richards.L Schofields.-Morgan.J Nagy.P Hughes.

E Dando.J Mckillop.P Aherens.T Howard.D Dale Corpral Moon.

3rd Row~P Cochrane.G Simpson.D Young. –Levy. G Omiros. R Dupen. C Spitzkowsky.
A Stuart. J Watt.

4th Row~W King. G Cady. B Keats.I Little. B Tutungi. R Millard. T Caldersnith. B Shields.
D Pallett. H Don. B Geary.

5th Row~D Halliday. T Hunt. T Hampson. J Long. W Smith T Roberts. R Wheret. P Eyre.

Sent In ~Ted Roberts.~ [||strebor.ydujdet]

13 NSTB A Coy 2 PL 2 Intake 1955 Inglburn.
L TO R~2nd Alf Dawson.
Sent In ~Alf Dowson ~ [moc.evil|noswadderfla#moc.evil|noswadderfla]
15 NSTB 1 Intake D Coy 1955 Pucka.
Sent In~Gary Carter
Front row 4th From Left. James Carter?
If any one knows any off the Nashos in Photo could you please Michael on .ua.ten.dnopgib|60090avm#ua.ten.dnopgib|60090avm or Gary Carter [ua.moc.tensutpo|1retracyrag#ua.moc.tensutpo|1retracyrag]
20 NSTB 1955.
Top Row L To R.
2nd Row L TO R.8th Vic Carter.
Sent In ~ Vic Carter~ua.moc.tensutpo|20enorebiV#ua.moc.tensutpo|20enorebiV
18 NSTB B Coy 3 Intake 5 Pl 1955
Sent In~Norman Heatley ~[ua.moc.necmoc|wnamron#ua.moc.necmoc|wnamron]
18 NSTB 9 Platoon B Coy 3 Intake RAEME 1955.
Sent In~Norman Heatley ~[ua.moc.necmoc|wnamron#ua.moc.necmoc|wnamron]
14 NSTB 3 Intake 2 Pl A Coy

Back Row,L To R~ 6th R.J ( Bob)Frood. 8th Vic Wren.

Second Row,L To R~1st S.Jacobs.3rd J.Welham.4thB.Bowman. 5. R. Ingram. 6. R. Fryberg. 7. J. Tappy. 8. R. Worn.

Bot Row L To R~1st B.Hefter, 2nd P.Stenning. 4th C. Regan.
7th Sgt Ken Arnold (Reg.) 8th Lt.Gregory.(Reg) 9th Bdr Ferguson.(Reg.)10th W.Haas.12th M.Cleary.15th O.O'Connor.

Sent In~ Robert J. Frood~[moc.dnopgib|adojor#moc.dnopgib|adojor]~3/724059


19 NSTB 2 Intake 16 Pl D Coy 1955 Holdsworthy
2nd row L TO R ~
2nd Row L TO R ~10th Murray Sattler.
Sent In ~[ua.ten.tpaa|tapsum#ua.ten.tpaa|tapsum]Murray Sattler 2/745121

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