Intake Nasho Photos 1952

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Michael Vassallo ~~ua.ten.dnopgib|60090avm#ua.ten.dnopgib|60090avm

16 NSTB A Coy 2 Platoon 3rd Intake 1952.
Sent In ~ B C Wagener.
Back Row ~ L to R ~10th Dennis Breen.
19 NSTB A Coy 5 Platoon 1952
Sent IN ~Nel Williams
15 NSTB H Coy 31 PL Sect 7 1952.
Front Row L TO R 2nd Lindsay Croxford ~Sgt John Acol
middle row 2nd from left is Ron Campbell
Sent In ~Lindsay Croxford
11 NSTB B Coy 8 Platoon 3rd Intake Pucka 1952
Sent In ~Bradley Fox
16 NSTB A Coy 6 Platoon 1952
Sent IN ~Byron Hooker for his Grandfather.
15 NSTB D Coy 16 Platoon April 1952 Pucka
Sent In~Maurice Kendall 3/741955
2nd row L To R~1st Maurice Kendall
Capt J Bridgman
15 NSTB D Coy 16 Platoon 8 Sect April 1952 Pucka
Sent In~Maurice Kendall 3/741955
11 NSTB 21 Platoon E Coy 2nd Intake 1952.
Sent IN ~Vince Crowley.[ua.moc.tentsew|raebynam#ua.moc.tentsew|raebynam]
11.NSTB 6 Platoon 3rd Intake 1952 Wacol.
3rd row 3rd from the right~ William Gordon O'Neill
George James~Reg no 3687NS.Top Left Hand Side)
If anyone knows other Nashos in photo could you please contact.
Sent in~Le-Arne McMullan.[ua.moc.tentsew|nallumcmnehpets#ua.moc.tentsew|nallumcmnehpets]
14 NSTB 2 Intake C Coy 25 Platoon Raeme 1952.
Sent In ~Allan Brooking.
11 NSTB F Coy 26 Platoon 2nd Intake 1952.Waco.
Sent IN~Noel Lowth .
New Holsworthy 12 NSTB.4 platoon 4th intake A company Oct 1952
Top.Row. L.TO R.
Kevin Sharman.D Reg Miller.?.?. Horton.Maidwell.Ron Tegget.Gerard Grovener. Ross Wilson. Keith Hannet.?.D.
2 Row. L.TO.R.
Mick Pollard. Mcgann. Barry Willians. Clive Coddington.John Dowd.?. Ron Chesworth.Brain Jamieson.Ron Hart.Don Ives.D. Laurie Hewson.D.Les Curtis.?
2nd Botttom Row.L TO R.
Peter Anderson D. Billy Shord.Wally Thorpe D.Peter Weaver.Max Syphlet, Noel Wilson D. Ted Butt. Brian Wall, David Fairall D.?.Joe Pannay.?.
?.Jerry Davis.Tommy Steele.Reg Pearce(instructor).Sgt Major (instructor).( instructor), Frank Thomas.Maurice Manwaring.?.Barry Edwards.
Known to be D= deceased
Unknown names mainly in Young, Cowra, and surrounding areas
Sent In ~Ross Wilson [ua.gro.tsuadat|ssordnanarf#ua.gro.tsuadat|ssordnanarf]
18 NSTB 4 Platoon 1952
Sent In ~ Gerry Dale.
15NSTB G Coy 25 Platoon Engineers 2nd Intake Pucka 1952
Allan Brooking 2nd row from the bottom 4th from the right.
Sent In Graeme Missen.for Allan Brooking.
19 NSTB 16 Platoon C Coy Feb 1952
Barry Krahe is 1st left of board
Sent In Barry Krahe is 1st left of board

13 NS Training Battalion D Company Feb 1952

Sent in by Andy Gallagher

Uniform.jpg [ua.gro.tsuadat|gydna#ua.gro.tsuadat|gydna]
Andy Gallagher Web Page
12th NS TRB 14PL C Coy 1952
B Row~L To R~11th Pat Organ.
3rd Row~L To R~ 5th Ray Warner.
Sent IN~Laurie Organ ua.moc.tensutpo|nagropl#ua.moc.tensutpo|nagropl~Sydney
2nd~Intake~Jan~APRIL~1952 PUCKA
H Coy 31 PL 7&8 Sections
Top Row L To R~3rd Ken Battersby
4th Row L To R~1st Ken Body. 2nd Ron Maloney.
Front Row L To R~WO Murray. SGT Mullavey.
F Row 2nd R Michael James
13 NSTB 10 C Coy 4th Intake 1952
Courtesy William Cupitt~Sent In Norman Mallard
19Th BTN D COY 22 Platoon 1952
SENT IN Paul Fenner. [ua.ten.dnopgib|zac.luap#ua.ten.dnopgib|zac.luap]

Row 1~ L To R .7th Foster.
Row 2 ~L To R .1st Paul Fenner .8th Eric.9th Fred Anderson .
Row 3 ~L To R. 6th Ken Alsop (deceased). 7th Bob. 8th Jim Broadley.
Row 4~ L To R. 3rd Merv Collins.
Row 5~ L To 2ndTex Harding ( Tex is a nick name)
Sent In~John Cripp [ua.moc.tensutpo|ppircenhoj#ua.moc.tensutpo|ppircenhoj]
B Row L To R~19th John Cripp.
**12 NSTB 1st Intake A Coy 1 Platoon 1952 Holsworthy
Sent In Ray Butterfield Ray Butterfield [ua.ten.dnopgib|tubyar#ua.ten.dnopgib|tubyar]
12 NSTB A Coy 4 Platoon 1st Intake 2nd Jan New Holsworthy Camp
Back Row L To R 3rd Jim Forde
Sent In Jim Forde
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