Intake Nashos Photos 1951

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18 NSTB 7 PL Brighton 1951.
Sent In~ Norman Heatley [moc.liamg|yeltaeh.namron#moc.liamg|yeltaeh.namron]

18th NSTB 1951 Brighton Camp
Sent In~ Norman Heatley [moc.liamg|yeltaeh.namron#moc.liamg|yeltaeh.namron]

N.SAWBRIDGE 4TH ROW 4TH right hand side.

18 NSTB B Coy 8 Pl 3 Intake 1951

Sent In~Norman Heatley [moc.liamg|yeltaeh.namron#moc.liamg|yeltaeh.namron]

9 Platoon B Coy 1 Intake 1951.
9 Platoon B Coy 2 Section 1 Intake 1951
Sent IN~Colin Retallack
Sent in~Brice Roberts email moc.liamtoh|borfirb#moc.liamtoh|borfirb
1 st Intake 13 Platoon C Coy 1951~17 National Service CAMPBELL BARRACKS SWANBOURNE WA
5 Platoon, B Coy 13th NSTB, taken at Ingleburn camp in October 1951
Sent in ~John Edwards
Top Row L to R ~
2nd Row L to R ~ John Edwards (11th)
3rd Row L to R ~
Bot Row L to R ~
12th, 13th and 19th NSTB. Taken 8th November 1951.the Domain Sydney Nov8th 51

Top Row ~
2nd Row L to R ~ John Edwards (2nd)

image0-1.jpg Copy_10.jpg

15th NSTB Pucka 1st intake August 1951 F Coy
Top~R ~4th R Lewis, 5th Ted Pickhall
2nd L~R
3rd L~R
~1st L Christi ,3rd Rob Ballard

B Murphy-L Pattond-E Peckthall-K Domerty-R Sullivan
L Christi-M Morinson-J Thomas-J Mccormack-L copper
*R Wollin-T Evans-J Robinson-D Freeman-R Mcmillan

Sent in by Rob Ballard Victoria (moc.dnopgib|adrallabbor#moc.dnopgib|adrallabbor)

11 NSTB 1st Intake 3 Platoon A Coy
Front Row. L To R~ 10th L/Cpl.R.J.McGregor.
Sent In ~Mick McGregor [moc.dnopgib|1rogergcm.leahcim#moc.dnopgib|1rogergcm.leahcim]
Mick is R.J.Mcgregor son his father, (Bob) went on to become a Regular solider. WO2 19999 R.J.McGregor. Bob passed away in 1981 whilst still serving with 18 years service in the Regs'. Mick also joined the Regs' in 1982 and served for 8 years RAEME.
Bob was also in SVN
NS Singleton 1951 15 Platoon D Coy
19 NSTB 1st Intake 1951 6/8/1951.
Courtesy Ross Pearce Sent In Norman Mallard
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